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Teaching your kids about sexuality and reproduction

Gone are the days when parents used to preserve the innocence of their children with awkward birds and bees stories about babies. Sex education has become necessary and essential for the healthy development of your kids. The time has changed and altered the structure of our society. Kids come in touch with harmful sexual content in the web frequently. If they are not taught to discern between good and bad from an early age they might be affected by the malicious, sexual content in the web.


Technology has helped in the progress of the human civilization but it has also created some deep and dark pits for us. Parents have to be more cautious and careful about how their kids learn about sex and reproduction. Sex education is permitted in the primary schools but you should not rely on that alone. Take initiative to teach your children about sex and its side effects.

The curriculum of secondary schools includes scientific discussion regarding reproduction. The students are taught about sexually transmitted diseases and the risks of unprotected sex. Nowadays children and pre-teens are more exposed to sex and ignorance cannot exactly be called bliss. Sexual predators can take advantage of the vulnerability and lack of sexual knowledge of your children.

Start by teaching your kids the difference between good touch and bad touch. Teach them to make noise if someone forcefully hugs them or tries to touch their private parts. They should have complete faith in you and believe firmly that you will help them under such circumstances. Then tell them during casual conversation how kids are born.

Kids should also be taught the importance of relationships and their meaning. When kids understand the nature of inter-personal relationships they are able to protect themselves from falling prey to sexual manipulation. Many people raise their child alone. Single parents date other potential partners and bring them home sometimes.

Children observe their activities and body language and form wrong notions about sexuality. In our era, it is most advisable that you open channels of frank communication between you and your kids. Encourage them to ask you questions about sex and teach them about privacy, love, and affection. Let them know that you are always going to be by their side no matter what happens to them.


Sex education is of vital importance. Every parent must start teaching their kids about reproduction, relationships, sexual abuse, and the need of protection from an early age to protect them from misconceptions.

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