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How to prevent contracting STDs

Use Protection

To put it simply – the best way to avoid contracting an STD is not to indulge in sexual intercourse.  However, abstaining from sexual pleasure is not the step that people would like to take and there are ways to prevent from risking yourself to contracting a sexually transmitted disease.


Practice safe sex:

Safe sex is the way to go, whether it is by using condoms, gloves or a female condom.  Be consistent about using a condom to prevent risking STD.  However, using barriers such as condoms or dental dams do reduce your STD risk, yet they are not a 100% foolproof and protect you against all sexually transmitted diseases.


Ensure that you and your partner undergo regular tests:

If you want to avoid contracting and spreading STD to your partner, make sure you undergo tests for STD systematically and treated in case the need arises.


Practice Monogamy:

The best way forward would be for two people to have intercourse with each other and remain faithful.  Monogamy and remaining faithful to just one partner is another way of practising safe sex.

Discuss safe sex with your partner:

It is important to talk to your partner about safe sex in an open and honest manner.  This is an important communication, which would increase the comfort level with your partner and would help you to know whether your relationship is monogamous or not.



Do not use drugs or drink before sexual intercourse:

Do not cloud your senses with alcohol or drugs, as you then tend to lose control over your rationality and might not be able to practice safe sex.


Be more responsible for your protection:

Certain sexual acts are done in emotional flow; hence make sure that you are always equipped with your own sexual protection.



Masturbation is not a bad decision:

There might be times when the urge might cloud your judgement and you might be tempted to perform the act with almost anyone, ending up with regrets.  Masturbation is a safe way to get out of such a situation.


The most important sexual organ is your brain:

Remember that the brain guides us in sexual activity and sexual arousal happens in our brain. Use your brain in picking your partner and making decisions that involve safe sex life.

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