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Simple tips to maintain feminine hygiene

Maintaining hygiene is important for everyone, however, more so for women as they have special requirements that make it necessary for them to take care of their personal hygiene on a regular basis. 


Regular Bath:

Ensure that you take a bath daily by using lukewarm water and a mild pH soap that would prevent odor and would stop bacterial growth as well.  Bathing helps keep your body fresh for hours and prevents rashes and itchiness in sensitive areas.


Keeping the intimate area clean:

It is important for you to use an intimate wash to prevent bacterial growth.   However, do not use it on a regular basis, as douching tends to have its side effects in reducing the good bacteria.  Also, ensure that you wear fresh underwear made out of organic material like cotton and not polyester or fibers that do not allow the skin to breath.


Trimming of pubic hair:

It is important to shave or wax pubic hair to prevent any bacterial infection and for good hygiene as well.


Maintain good hygiene during Menses:

It is important to practice good hygiene, particularly during menstruation, as it helps to minimize odor and prevent any infections.


Change your sanitary napkin and wash intimate area:

It is important to change your sanitary napkin frequently, at least once in four hours to prevent the likelihood of UTI or Urinary Tract Infection.  Also, wash your intimate area to keep it clean.


Careful removal of Tampons:

If you have to use tampons then alternate between tampons and pads.  Removal of tampons should be done carefully; otherwise, it could lead to serious conditions and infections such as Toxic Shock Syndrome, which could also result in death.


Take care after Intercourse:

Exchange of body fluids at times can cause odor and mild infections, hence wash your intimate area with a mild soap to prevent any such incident.


Eat Healthy:

The best way to ensure your health is to indulge in a diet that is rich in whole grains, greens, fruits and yoghurt.  Yoghurt provides good bacteria, which is important for keeping your intimate area healthy.  Garlic is another herb that protects you from yeast infection and odor.  Water is also extremely important as it helps in flushing out the toxins from your body.

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