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Five ideas for a healthier, happier morning routine


Feel extremely sluggish every morning and find difficulty in leaving out of the bed to start for the day work. Or feel there is never enough time in the morning to get everything ready? Well then, all you need are some sure shot ideas to shift from sleep mode to work mode effortlessly. Here are some tips to get you started early, healthy and happy every morning.


Identify Problem Areas 

Even if you are punctual, some slip-ups in your existing routine may be causing hindrances to the same. The best way to identify these problem areas would be to jot every habit of your morning routine on a piece of paper along with the time allotted for the same. This list would be a basic reminder of what you need to do every morning. It should also contain a list of probable items that can throw this routine off balance. Follow this routine every day for at least a month or so to get accustomed to it. You will automatically feel better in the mornings afterwards.


Sleep Better

Lack of sleep can make you feel tired the next morning. So make sure you get plenty of rest and sleep during the night. The best way to achieve this would be to munch on sleep inducing foods during dinnertime, including potatoes, bananas, honey, almonds, etc.


Stretch and Stretch

If you feel too lazy to get out of bed, try stretching your body. You will be amazed at how relaxed and active you feel all of a sudden. Stretching would improve blood circulation in the body and increase flexibility, thereby making you more active quickly. Start with a couple of stretches in bed and then follow them with some on the floor.


Get Some Sun

Catching in those warm rays early in the morning can be very rejuvenating for your skin. The nerves in the skin are usually the first parts of the body to wake up. So allow some sun to shine on them so that they wake up in no time and the rest of your body follows suit quickly.


Listen to Music

Do not listen to those soulful melodies, but some upbeat tracks. Listening to music in the mornings can stimulate your brain cells and increase optimism. So play some peppy numbers while getting ready for work every morning and you will be amazed at how fast you managed to do so.

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