How to look at your best with every passing year

Early ageing and that too at a rapid pace means that you have taken your beautiful skin for granted. However, it is never too late to set the stage to overcome your dreadful dreams of ageing. Sleep, lay off the makeup, get plenty of fluids to keep yourself alive and celebrate unveiling your most prized skin. The cherry on top of the icing would be unveiling the much-anticipated smile.

Surprise yourself:

Nowadays, young people become very conscious about their look, especially right after their teens. However, one needs to understand that no one turns beautiful overnight, and there are no short cut methods to become stunning. Keeping one’s skin clean by simply following the age old scrubbing, toning and moisturizing can do wonders to avoid premature ageing. A sunscreen with 20-30 SPF is advisable twice a day to beat the heat and harmful sunrays.

As we approach thirties, signs of loose skin and wrinkles become easily visible, and it is not wise to blame just one factor for this. Lack of sleep, exposure to the sun, dark circles, dry skin left unattended and  lack of moisturizer are just a few to name. We should always be taken care of them to get pure bliss.

As time passes by, things do get messy, but with some proper guidance, you could be lucky too to get yourself an improved skin. All you need is a breather and make it possible. A diet with some chocolate with cocoa beans now and then does not hurt. It maybe a hard to digest, but Belgians consumed the maximum chocolates in the 17th century, and it was known as the “food fit for Gods”.

Even the strongest fire/spirit burns out after a few years of aging, but to overcome it, a proper diet with plenty of non-fatty items will keep the body healthy and glowing. One does not need to feel suicidal; after all, it is nature’s way to show us that nothing is permanent. With the onset of skin wrinkling and sagging arms, also come maturity to deal with it.


To cut down on ageing early and turning flabby, coffee should be topping the list. Ever wondered, why do Japanese people look so radiant and glowing? Green Tea is the only answer to it, no side effects assured.

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