The effect of Mobile health (M-health) on our well-being

Smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops have all become an integral part of our lives. We work, play, shop, interact and make decisions using the internet with the help of these devices. Now smart phones, tablets and other devices are being used also for health monitoring and providing better medical care facilities. M-health helps patients and doctors connect and keep in touch using mobile devices.


If more physicians start opting for M-health, then our present healthcare scenario will change faster for good. A single visit to the physician may not be enough for diagnosing all the ailments you are suffering from. In severe medical conditions the patients must be monitored round the clock and always stay in touch with their doctors. M-health helps in solving these issues in the most effective manner.


At present, more than10000 medical or healthcare apps are there in Apple’s iTunes App Store and according to survey reports medical apps are the third most popular category of apps among Android and iPhone users. Around 88% doctors suggest that their patients should keep a close tab on their blood sugar, pressure levels and heart rate at home using m-health tools. Around 66% physicians in US use their tablets for connecting with their patients and 40% have reported that they have been able to save time on administrative works by using their smart phones for staying in touch with patients.

mobile apps for medical

Maintaining and updating patient information is an important part of medical practice. By using M-health, techniques doctors can reduce the time wasted in these jobs. Sharing patient information and storing it has become much easier due to the use of different m-health apps. Surveys also prove that 86% clinic owners, medical practitioners and even nurse and medical attendants use their smart phones for professional purposes.


Patients are fast becoming aware of the new technologies and tools that help in storing, transferring and monitoring their personal health info. Scarcity of time and rise in healthcare expenses has made it necessary that we find newer and better ways of monitoring health and interacting with medical practitioners. M-health offers incredible ease of use to both the doctors and patients and make healthcare more accessible for everyone.

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