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How to prevent aggravation of asthma

Asthma is a serious respiratory problem and needs to be kept under control to avoid life threatening situations. Asthma patients are allergic to many substances and hence the environment in which they stay should be pollution and dust free. Apart from this, they should be kept away from animals or rodents that can trigger this problem. Asthma patients do lead a normal life, however, care should be taken to not aggravate the problem.

A few things or objects that can trigger this problem are mentioned:



It has been recorded that 30% of asthma patients are allergic to pets like dogs or other household animals. However, if you are an animal lover certain precautions can help you keep this problem away. Those include keeping the pets away from your bedroom, bathing them once a week regularly and washing your hands after caressing them. These prevent the allergies that might aggravate the respiratory problem.



Smoke caused by cigarettes can cause irritation to your respiratory airways. Asthma patients should themselves stay away from the habit of smoking. Moreover, passively inhaling the smoke of cigarettes around you can also be equally dangerous. Hence, always take care not to allow anyone to smoke when you are in a car, room or a place where there is lack of ventilation. Moreover, asthma can be triggered by smoke caused by burning wood. One must keep oneself away from the kitchen chimney or fireplaces.


Dust mites

It has been seen that 90% of asthma patients have allergy towards dust mites. In order to prevent the growth of dust mites in your house or office always use a vacuum that comprises of a HEPA filter. This vacuum cleaner will suck the small particles thus not allowing it to spread. Moreover, washing your bed sheets or sofa covers regularly with hot water will solve the aggravation of this problem. Nowadays, allergen resistant bedding is also available in the market.



Molds grown in places where there is excessive humidity. To avoid their growth, it is necessary to keep the environment around you less humid (reduced by 50% or more). Moreover, molds develop in areas where water leaks. Hence, it is necessary to repair the faucets or pipes that have water leaking problem. Care should be taken to keep humid air away.


These issues if kept in control can help asthma patients from any attack problem. These are easy tips that can be followed every day.

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