Look for looming health issues on the horizon

Many a times we are in this false reality that we are fit and healthy. Well then a few symptoms mentioned can help you understand if you are on the verge of some unhealthy health disorder or disease.


Cracking of Lips

This might be a tendency in many due to weather conditions; however lips might start cracking due to Vitamin B12 deficiency too. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause anaemia and blood related issues that can lead to low blood pressure and giddiness. It is necessary to have a regular intake of the Vitamin B12 in your food or through pills. Nowadays, many doctors use regular injections to induce the nutrient.


Under-development of body

Many a times as we grow old, our body tends to compress. This happens at a gradual rate in all humans. However, if there is an instant reaction of this problem, then it is a bone problem which if not diagnosed can cause osteoporosis. If this continues then the possibility of easily fracturing your bones or developing curved spine increases. Early diagnosis of this problem can help you acquire the right diet and help control this problem.

Frequent cold and flu

You may notice many individuals are prone to cold all months of the year. This is because weak immune system. Lack of vitamin C or an internal attack of virus that you are unaware of can be the major issue. Hence, a blood test is essential to find the right cause of the problem. This blood test can help you find the problem and get the solution to it too.


Dark yellow urine

It is always important to check the color of your urine. It is a instant indicator of your internal health. If the body has sufficient intake of liquid, then the urine color is clear. However, if your body is dehydrated then it is dark yellow in color, which may denote problem with kidneys. It has a simple solution to it- drink loads of water or fluid.


Regular skin disorder

Skin is the largest organ of your body and hence makes internal or external health issues visible easily. If you develop acne, eczema or such skin disorders frequently means your body is not healthy. It is either lacking organic nutrition, water or is allergic to something you are not aware of.


Many times we neglect certain changes in our external body parts. These might be a sign the body gives to show if it’s unhealthy. Would you still wish to ignore it? Hence understand your body and provide it the best nutrition to stay fit.

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