How Dogs Benefit Your Health & Wellbeing

Dog owners live longer than the rest of the population–and they’re happier, too. But how does spending time with dogs boost your health?

The answers may surprise you. Of course, adopting a pup is a huge responsibility, and there are other ways to reap the benefits. Become a dog-sitter via, or sign up to be a dog walker in your free time. You’ll soon find that the joy, mindfulness, and resilience they bring into your life are indispensable.


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A puppy’s boundless energy and excitement may not last forever, but dogs are eternal optimists. They don’t question what life brings them, and they bounce back quickly from hardship. Dogs radiate gratitude and joy on a regular basis. They can’t help it. Even anxious dogs experience joy when they’re able to fully relax, play, and enjoy themselves.

Even better, all of this happiness rubs off on you before long. It’s hard to hold a grudge when a dog is trying to get your attention and play a game with you. Your mood will lighten, and it’ll be easier to unload your burdens and let loose. True joy has nothing to do with your circumstances, and everything to do with the way you see the world. That’s one of the lessons dogs teach us daily.


 dogs are eternal optimists

Dogs are truly present wherever they are, whatever they’re doing. With no memories of the past or plans to make for the future, they have a lot to teach us about opening up to the wonder of life.

With a dog at your side, you can let go of stress and anxiety. Listen to the sounds of nature. Experience the world the way they do: authentically, fully, and with no regrets. You’ll spend more time getting outside, so you can stay mindful on long walks and let nature provide its tranquility to your restless mind.

Compared to when you are alone, it’s easier to meditate when someone is by your side. And who says a dog can’t hold that space for you? Whether you’re cuddling or your dog is just curled up nearby, this kind of companionship makes it easier for you to relax your mind.



Humans are adaptable, but we tend to use only a fraction of our capacity for strength and flexibility. Getting creative in our playtime and workouts with pups can transform our minds and bodies.

Staying active with your dog makes natural movement a part of your everyday life. Whether you are going on a long hike over variable terrain or playing a game of tug-o-war, getting and staying active can go far beyond the repetitive motions we usually turn to for “exercise.”

The more purposeful movement we engage in, the better our health outcomes and overall resilience to stress factors. Dogs remind us that our bodies have fewer limitations than we think. You may even be inspired to strike a yoga pose when you wake up to see a “downward dog” stretching at the end of your bed!

After a while, you’ll be telling all your friends to adopt dogs or pet-sit in their spare time. And why not? The lifelong benefits of loving and being loved by dogs should be shared by all.

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