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All about the Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet

Wrong eating habits, stress, and the lifestyle that many of us follow today has made us unhealthy. The eating habits today have changed a lot than they used to be, and this is the reason behind the emergence of several diet related troubles that people rarely had to deal with earlier. The food habits that we humans follow today were never there on the list of our ancestors. This is a fact that nutritionists worldwide have realized and now many of them have started referring their patients a diet that is solely based on the eating habits and patterns of our ancestors. We call that diet – the Paleo Diet.

Not many people actually know what this type of diet is, and they think it to be just as any other weight loss diet. However, the truth is something else. Paleo diet first is not just a weight loss program, but is a regiment directed towards making the body healthy. Moreover, Paleo diet has a special motto – to go back to the eating patterns of our ancestors. It says in order to regain optimal health and well being, humans must go back to eating real, as our ancestors did. The real eating means the whole unprocessed foods, and the foods free from preservatives that are harmful for humans.

The Modern and the Paleo Diet

The ancestral diet used to be of whole foods, the plants, meat, seafood, and the modern diet is all about sugar, wheat, fats foods, and chemically processed vegetables and oils. Such foods are greatly responsible for the modern day diseases ranging from cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. This is why the Paleo diet emphasizes on the reversal in the diet from modern to the ancient.

Advocates of Paleo diet say that in order to stay lean, healthy, fit, and strong, we humans have to indulge ourselves in a critical thinking regarding our diet and all the foods that we consume. After the analysis, on should expel some foods from one’s diet that are unhealthy. Paleo diet promises fat loss, more energy, clear skin, and many other health benefits. This diet works with your genetics to make you healthy and energetic.

Modern diet is full of refined foods, fats, and sugar that play an integral role in the development of degenerative diseases in human beings like obesity, heart disease, cancer, depression, infertility, Alzheimer’s, and many more. If these foods are removed from the diet, they would have a very positive impact on a person’s health, Paleo diet does exactly this.

Following is the Paleo diet pattern one should follow:

Foods to have

You can have meat and poultry, organ meats like liver, fish, eggs, bone broth soups, healthy fats, non-starchy vegetables, starchy tubers, sea salt and spices, avocadoes, olives and coconuts. You can enjoy these foods liberally.

Foods to have in moderation

Processed meat, nuts and seeds, whole fruit, green beans and peas, vinegar, restaurant food, and cut down coffee and black tea.

Foods to avoid completely

You should strictly avoid dairy products, legumes, grains, processed or refined foods, real and artificial sweeteners, white potatoes, alcohol, sodas and aerated drinks, and processed sauces and seasonings.

Things to keep in mind

Some people expect that a Paleo diet would make them slim almost overnight but this is just impossible. If a woman has put on weight owing to the years of unhealthy eating, then any dieting procedure cannot help make her slim overnight or in a matter of few days. Paleo diet is a procedure that one has to follow with patience, as it starts working from inside on all the aspects and makes a person healthy first, and automatically when one becomes healthy, the weight comes under control.


Paleo diet is a wonder diet and one should follow it whole-heartedly for a minimum of thirty days. Initially people find it too restrictive but with time, they realize that they still have a lot of food that is good for their palate.

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