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5 Benefits of oil massage

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After a hard day at work, a soothing oil massage can help relax you. Any kind of massage, provides relaxation. However, choosing suitable ingredients for oil massage is also important. Certain oils for instance, can accompany the normal massage and relaxation with health benefits. Here are a few benefits of getting an oil massage.

1. Relaxes our mind and body

After a laborious day, almost everybody feels extremely exhausted and worn out. Nothing seems to work at all to bring back the lost energy. Hence, a natural way to spur up the senses is oil massage. Various essential oils are used in the process of oil massage. Each of them has a specific advantage. While some act as anti-depressant, others soothe the nerves. Again, some oils also drive away fatigue. Hence, oils are used according to the individual need and a gentle massage is given to a tired individual. The result is a stress free, rejuvenated, energized and healthy mind and body once again.

2. Cures insomnia
Insomnia is a disease that deprives us from a good sleep. As a consequence several diseases attack them in future, such as high pressure, depression, thyroid, etc. Drugs that claim to treat insomnia fail to show any effect after sometime. On the other hand, they become habit forming and result in several side effects. Oil massage is a natural way to improve sleep. A skilled oil massage soothes the nerves, thereby promoting mental and spiritual healing and improves conditions of insomnia.

3. Strengthens the immune system
Those who are blessed with a healthy immunity system are fortunate as they fall ill sparingly. While some people are born with stronger immunity, others need to strengthen their immunity by following various methods. But what is most essential to realize is that you need to retain the strong immunity too. Therefore, oil massage is the most effective method to do so. The various essential oils that are used in oil massage have certain specific properties. An experienced aromatherapist is knowledgeable enough to identify the varying needs of every individual. Thus, specialized essential oils for a particular individual work wonder in boosting up the immune system.

4. Detoxifies the body
With the increasing awareness about detoxification, people are more concerned about expelling out the toxins that are formed within their body due to several internal processes. Hence, oil massage is a way that removes the toxins from the body. During the process of oil massage the nerves are soothed. Therefore, there is a healthy blood flow throughout the body. Moreover, the lymph drainage also improves.

5. Increases flexibility
It is mostly found that aged people suffer from stiff bones and joints. One of the reasons behind this is improper circulation of blood. Another reason is lack of mobility. Thus, oil massage can be a great way to increase the flexibility of the muscles and joints. It is also a popular practice among the sportsmen and athletes. Oil massage relaxes the tired and over worked muscles, it maintains the fitness of the body and assist in the healing process.

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