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5 Types of body massages to help you relax

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Human body goes through a lot of stress and rupture, and so to relax your stressed out body there are a number of massages one can have. Massage aids in the healing process, and promotes relaxation and well-being of the body. These could be the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones. A visit to the spa is no less than a visit to heaven. As the soft hands move over your back waking up every tissue or muscle that is stiffened, you forget all the stress! A masseur lets your body take that necessary beauty trip, it definitely needed!

1. Swedish

Swedish massage is a good choice for those who want to relax after a long tiring day. Being one of the most common and famous forms of massage, Swedish massage is gentle and relaxing. During this massage, the therapist massages the back, legs, shoulder and neck using oils, with long gentle strokes. The masseur uses various techniques complimenting with circular movements making one feel relaxed and cozy. It boosts the immunity system, helps improve the health of the skin and increases oxygen levels in the blood.

2. Reflexology

Popularly known as foot massage, reflexology is therapeutic. This massage is mainly based on a belief that our feet contain all the nerves from our body. So, by stimulating certain points in the feet, several health issues can be addressed. Other than these benefits, the massage is also very relaxing and is a great therapy for those who have to spend a lot of time on their feet for certain reasons.

3. Shiatsu

Coming from the eastern culture, this massage involves applying pressure to specific points to channelize the energy flow correctly throughout the body. It helps in eliminating headaches to reducing stiffness, improving blood circulation to solve certain digestive disorders. Relaxing yet invigorating, Shiatsu massage is done by pressing rhythmically on certain pressure points. The massage does not use any oils or creams, which means you can remain fully dressed during the procedure! This is a massage that will help you remove all the impurities through blood circulation!

4. Deep tissue

Unlike the Swedish massage, this massage focuses on the muscle tissues. It is used as an effective treatment for injured muscles, commonly in athletes. It is also used as a treatment for sore and painful muscles. The deep tissue massage is a magical cure for people suffering with cramps and chronic pain. In this massage, the therapist applies pressure on muscles to tense them, only to relax them further. This eases muscles and improves lubrication of the joints. It’s the perfect massage for anyone recovering from injuries and for those who suffer from postural problems, like a straight back / spine etc.

5. Hot stone

A lighter version of the deep tissue, the hot stone massage is hyper-beneficial and relaxing at the same time. It is a boon for those who suffer from back pain and bad blood circulation.The heat from the stones has a calming and soothing impact on your skin and muscles, and the pressure applied to the muscles helps increase the circulation and relieve blockages between the joints and tissues. It being a great stress buster, we highly recommend you this one! Known to be a rather unusual form of therapy, this massage is very popular in spas around the world. This massage consists of applying several smooth, heated basalt stones on the back area, the palms and even the toes to promote deeper relaxation and a sense of calm.

With these five massages, now you know where to head to when you are feeling extremely drained out and stressed!

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