New age wellness therapies that are finding favor with patrons

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Call it an effort to stay competitive or attract clients with unusual sensibilities, the spas are experimenting with the treatments big time. Their innovation oftentimes pushes sanity to the limits. Nevertheless, not many seem to care if the treatments are effective and within the reach of a layperson. We have compiled a list of few weird but effective treatments options available that are.

Snake Massage

Snake Massage

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Sight of a snake can scare the hell out of you. What if your tension, anxiety and other related conditions are treated by rolling snakes on your body? You must be tempted to dispel your fears and try this therapy; after all your tensions cause more discomfort than a bite of the highly venomous Inland Taipan.

A spa in Israel has transformed the standard massage procedure into a weird one. Instead of soothing music or scented candles that many use to supplement massages, Ida Barak of Tel Aviv defies the norm. She prefers to use snakes to relieve her clients from stress. Those who dread snakes should not worry, as she uses non-venomous snakes for treatments. She claims that her massage has calming effect on joint pains no matter how severe they are.

Fish Pedicure

Fish Pedicure

Not as outrageous as the previous entry, this treatment uses fishes to exfoliate your feet. A spa in London uses the Garra rufa fish to get rid of the dead skin of its clients. The fish is toothless but uses suction-shaped mouths to accomplish the exfoliating procedure. The unique shape of the fish allows it to suck the dead skin while leaving healthy new skin underneath unperturbed.

This mode of treatment is not new, as it has been successfully used in many civilizations. The ancients in the Far East countries and Turkey used it for treating skin ailments like eczema and psoriasis. Japanese specialize in whole-body immersion fish spas, a practice finding takers in the U.S, Europe and the Middle East.

Butt Facial:

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And you thought facials were meant for face only. Euphoria, a spa based in Detroit, offers massage meant for the other set of cheeks – your posteriors. As humans, we often tend to ignore the posteriors and concentrate on other parts of our body. It is a viable treatment option that does not require much stripping.

The spa ensures that the client is properly covered up as masseur exfoliates and cleans derrieres. Following this, the masseur applies a masque and completes the procedure. At the final stage of the treatment, the client gets a warm paraffin treatment too. So dispel your apprehensions and try it at least once.

Horse Reiki

beautiful womanl with horse on seacoast

Reiki, a traditional Japanese practice, is based on the belief that the flow of healing energy can have miraculous effects on the body and soul. Generally, the energy is passed from a Reiki master, who is human, to the recipient under certain conditions. However, Rockin’ Heart Ranch owner and a certified Reiki master Christina DiBartolo defy convention.

The Reiki master believes that apart from humans, horses also possess an inherent healing energy that can be tapped by riding the animal. He claims that Horse Reiki is effective in controlling physical pains and disorders to emotional anxiety. Many individuals who benefited from this unique form of Reiki testify his claims.

Wine bath

Wine bath

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Hakone Kowakien Yunessun offers the opportunity to its visitors to immerse themselves in a pool of Beaujolais Nouveau, the most popular wine in Japan. For 12 days each year, the wine lovers can drink and bathe in their favorite liquor, while undergoing spa treatments. A wine-bottle-shaped spring empties hundreds of gallons of wine into the pool. Additionally, you can reach out to a sommelier standing nearby to satiate your cravings for more Beaujolais Nouveau.

Monotonous menu reading conventional services like standard facials and massages is a passé. The new age spas are treading the uncharted path and coming up treatment options that might excite, amaze or even terrify you.

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