Making outdoor yoga more fun and effective

Taking yoga practice from a yoga studio or from a room in your home to outdoor spaces is altogether a different and a unique experience that makes yoga so much more fun. It is like turning a park, a beach, a forest, or any other outdoor place you choose into your personal outdoor yoga studio wherein the breeze, sunrays, exhilarating views and chirping of birds around tend to make your yoga practice all the more effective.

Practicing yoga outdoors is very different from practicing it indoors, so one needs to be thoughtful about certain things that can make outdoor yoga fantastic and can ruin the experience if one does not consider them before hand. So here, we have brought for you all some tips that will help you make your outdoor yoga practice a fun-filled and an effective experience.

Consider the view around

View around plays an integral role to make your outdoor yoga practice an outstanding experience. Be it a beach, a natural or a manmade garden, forest, or your terrace, you must ensure from there you get to see some pleasant views that can help reinvigorate you. It makes no point you sitting in a garden practicing yoga and in the name of the view; you see buildings or road in front of yourself. You must find a place whose surroundings inspire you, make you happy, and motivate you to perform yoga poses well.

Avoid direct sunlight

If your stamina is too good then you will not face any problem even if you perform yoga in direct sunlight. On the other hand, if you are not that strong then avoid direct sunlight while practicing yoga outdoor because it can make you exhausted too soon, as it drains out energy fast. Therefore, find a spot that is partially shaded or choose a time when there is no or less direct sunlight.

Leave rubber mat and embrace the natural grass mat

You can ditch your mat especially when your outdoor yoga spot is a green garden or space outside. Sitting on the green grass, or on the beach sand will help you connect more the surroundings while practicing yoga outdoors.

Yoga poses to always practice outside

Following are some of the types of yoga poses that people better practice outside owing to their challenging nature, as in green grass ground or the sandy beach is more forgiving than a hard concrete or wood floor indoors.

Balancing poses

Outdoor settings with somewhat uneven spaces offer great opportunity to yogis who want to excel and get expertise in balancing poses. For instance the tree pose, wherein one needs to stretch arms above head while standing erect and then raise one leg, bend it, and place its sole on the inner side of the other leg. For such a pose, outdoor settings are best wherein you can choose difficulty level as per your convenience.

The upside down poses

Practicing headstand or the handstand outside is always safe than practicing it indoor because even if you fall while practicing, the soft grass is there to save you from any big damage, which is not the same with the hard wooden or concrete floors in your room or in the yoga studio. Moreover, your practice on the soft floors outside helps make your fingers get a real nice grip, which lacks if you continue your practice exclusively indoors.

Practicing yoga outside is certainly enjoyable but is also beneficial, especially for some tough yoga poses. Performing yoga poses that demand a great sense of balance and strength in the open on a soft green grass ground is less challenging than to perform such poses on a hardwood or a concrete floor indoors.

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