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10 Most beautiful natural places you’d ever love to visit

10 Most beautiful natural places you’d ever love to visit

Although there are so many natural places in the world that you would love to visit, but a few of these offer an unforgettable experience through their uniqueness and charm. Many of these sites are also termed by UNESCO as the world’s natural heritage sites. Check out some of the most beautiful natural places that should undoubtedly be on the itinerary of any tourist.

The Tasmania Island

This marvelous island is located in Australia in the South Pacific Ocean. This place is considered one of the most naturally beautiful and magical places in the world. People with an adventurous spirit especially come to enjoy the wildlife and beaches at this destination. Offering regional delicacies to visitors, there are some great foods and luxurious resorts that nobody would like to miss on their visit to the Tasmania Island.

The Baikal Lake

This is Eurasia’s largest freshwater lake that is based in Siberia in the USSR. The Baikal Lake has Yablonovy Mountains on its eastern side. With a depth of 1,620 m, this lake is also the world’s deepest freshwater lake. Visitors to this lake can get to watch various unusual and rare aquatic species that are not found anywhere else in the world. This Pearl of Siberia has the capability to attract any tourist toward its natural beauty.

The Plitvice Park

Located in Croatia, this is one of the oldest parks in the southeastern region of Europe. This place is famous for its pristine waterfalls and lakes that actually form a beautiful network. This destination has been attracting tourists for centuries. One could go perplexed by checking out the complex forestry and about 16 lakes that are interlinked. The vegetation in these forests is a mix of Mediterranean and Alpine. You would mostly find fir, beech and spruce trees at this place. Those who have been to this destination believe it to be the most beautiful natural place in Europe.

Jiuzhaigou River

The Jiuzhaigou Valley is a major destination in China that is visited by most of the tourists coming here. This is because of the Jiuzhaigou River that is based in this valley. You would have never seen such a river anywhere else in the world, as it is similar to something in the fairyland. It has unbelievably crystal-clear and colorful water. This unique river is home to rare plants and animals. There are about 140 plant, bird and animal species found at this place.

Yellowstone National Park

Spread over an area of 8,982 sq. km, the Yellowstone National Park is the largest wilderness preserve in the United States. Most of the part of it is based on a high plateau of Rocky Mountains. The park’s major natural features include 10,000 hot springs, about 200 geysers and many fumaroles. These amazing features attract a large number of tourists who are interested in varied aspects of the natural beauty of this place. You may go crazy if you look at the famous Old Faithful Geyser in this park. This park’s natural glory is also reflected in its own Grand Canyon and Hayden Valley. If you wake up early morning and take a look at the beauty of these places, you would want to stay here permanently. Other popular features of the Yellowstone National Park include Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone Lake, Norris Geyser Basin, Lamar Valley, Tower Falls, and West Thumb Geyser Basin. All these features are the definitions of natural beauty.

Bali Island

Being an Indonesian province, Bali Island is spread over an area of 5,560 sq. km. This splendid destination has a mixed kind of climate, ranging from dry to rainy. Deer and tigers can be easily spotted at this place. Bali’s rich culture and developed art forms are big factors attracting a large number of tourists to this beautiful destination.


About 115 small islands in the Indian Ocean together form the Republic of Seychelles. Based in Eastern Africa, this place boasts high of its beaches that are so unique. This destination is just perfect in terms of its weather, wildlife and natural beauty. The modesty of this destination is what makes it exclusive and attractive to the visitors. Anybody would fall in love with this group of islands.

The Great Barrier Reef

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is a natural wonder that attracts millions of tourists every year. Spread over an area of 300,000 sq. km, this marvelous destination has about 600 coral cays and islands. That is a reason for finding a wide variety of sea life at this place. You may get to witness various species of mollusks, fish and colored birds in the natural environment of the Great Barrier Reef. In addition, you usually witness green turtles, dolphins and whales. Tourists coming to this destination can experience a range of activities, such as snorkeling, reef sailing and scuba diving.

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