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Sharm-El-Sheikh, the small paradise located in Sinai Peninsula Egypt bordering the Red Sea coast truly left me enchanted beyond my expectations. I learned that this place has been a long time favorite of the Russians and Europeans. After stepping in this paradise, […]

Al-Mustafa Mosque by Dr Prem sharm El Sheikh Egypt

Visiting the mystic country Georgia is like a dream come true, it’s a beautiful country with very interesting and rich history and culture. I decided to make Shota Rustaveli my abode during my stay at Tbilisi. If it wasn’t for

Shota Rustaveli, a boutique hotel in Tbilisi, Georgia

A Soulful Stay Our life is a daily routine that is filled with a series of activities that leaves us too little time for self-reflection. Our mind is blogged with unnecessary worries and busy with processing the happenings of everyday


When I was planning for a rainforest trip in  Costa Rica, I needed a guide who really understands the depth of rainforest, a man who would not only function as a guide in my trip but someone who has great


How about buying a premium property in one of the most picturesque tranquil locations and earn a handsome return on investment? You need to have a look at the villas of Residential Casa Linda in the Dominican Republic built on

Residencial-Casa-Linda property

On my trip to Dominican Republic, I was put up in the Ducassi Suites Beach Club Spa and Resorts. I am glad that I have made this choice. Ducassi Suites is a 4-starred high-end luxury accommodation facility in the Punta

Ducassi Suites Beach Club Spa and Resorts

The extraordinary garden and greenery around the Garden Village Bled Resort owes almost every bit of its prodigious features to the man who had cared and nurtured it like his own baby. It is gardener Jan (pronounced as Yan), the


If the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Maria with its imposing bell tower and delicious kremna rezina in Lake Bled, Slovenia does not fill your traveling soul to the brim, then I would recommend a few days stay at

experiences for nature lovers

The penchant for experiencing something overwhelming rules my wanderlust spirit and my recent visit to the ensnaring caves in Jeita Grotto located 11 miles north of Beirut was as satisfying as expected. It was a cherry on the cake in

Jeita Grotto

Bali is the land to fall in love with and never to leave, and Puri Dajuma resort exactly matches this connotation.  Loaded with unmatched bliss, spending few days in this resort was a kind of extreme relaxation blessed with a great

My relaxed stay in Puri Dajuma Resort
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