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While vacationing on a foreign soil, I make sure to have a taste of the local cuisine because that tells a lot about the tradition and culture of a place. I nurture a great passion of trying different flavors of […]

Indonesian cuisine in Puri Dajuma

Never did it appear in mind that the island country of Indonesia would entertain me with such pleasant surprises. The varied landscape, rugged coastline and volcanic mountains covered with forests of Bali no doubt drew my attention but on visiting

Stay in BVilla

111 Resorts, Bali conceptualized to offer a discreet and private holiday nook primarily for adults, has set a benchmark in the hospitality sector with a unique fusion of In-villa and resort experience and unmatched personalized service.

111 Bali

This summer, my wanderlust mind turned its attention towards Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon located on the Mediterranean Coast. With the raging summer ruling Beirut this time, it may not seem a perfect choice but thanks to the Urban

Urban Central Suite Beirut

Unique experiences enrich your life.  My stay at the Museum Hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey was certainly an experience of that kind that enriched my thoughts and visions. The name itself conjures up a surrealistic charm where history and luxury mingled

Museum Hotel Cappadocia

I take great pleasure in sharing my post travel experience especially about the places where I put up. I feel that the hotels, lodge or guest house wherever you stay contribute a lot in giving you a gratifying travel experience.

Skopje Park hotel

Macedonia has an ocean of tourism capabilities. This was exactly what Dr Prem Jagyasi, a globally eminent speaker, expert in management consulting, a successful entrepreneur and an author, to say the least, was trying to drive home in a meet

Macedonia should promote wine tourism

Tasting wine with all your five senses is a different experience altogether that you miss while drinking. In my recent trip to Stobi wineries, I got that awesome feel that engrossed my senses.  Winery visits often are included in my

Stobi Wineries Macedonia

My recent visit to Maldives has radically changed my notion of how good a beach front resort could be. I have been holidaying in resortsfor quite some time due to which I am quite acquainted with the best features that

My Trip To Kurumba Resort

Exploring the unexplored has always been my top choice while on a trip, and visiting Thoddoo Island in Maldives added more thrills to my recent vacation to Maldives. To get the feel of the soil and the people of the

My Trip To Thoddoo Island
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