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Visitor, who can afford the luxury to see the whole world and to appreciate the beauties of it, is one among hundreds. Having a world tour would be the dream of millions but a few can make the dream come […]

World’s five best places to witness the splendor

By definition, a castle is a fortified structured built by nobility. This differs from a palace that was not equipped with defence structures, and a fortress, which was not a residential space for nobility. Generally, a castle was used to

World’s most amazing castles

Areas that are preserved, maintained, or managed for their cultural, natural, or ecological values are known as protected areas. These areas serve to prevent a loss, extinction, or damage to species, ecosystems, or cultural practices. Many protected areas have been

World’s biggest protected parks

Swimming is not always meant for sport-related purposes. It is often associated with fun or relaxation. Around the world hotels design and construct pools that offer their guests various experiences. The pools sometimes incorporate their surroundings into their designs, or

Amazing hotel pools in the world

You might love testing your breath with extremely terrifying rides or creepy bloodcurdling movies. Zombies, Spirits and ghosts are fictional but you never know if they come out real in front of you. If you are a daredevil too, there

Most haunted and scary place around the world

Caracus, Venezuela Caracus is the capital of Venezuela, and though it once termed as one of the most amazing cities of the world, it is presently not very safe to travel too alone, especially when you are a traveler. Caracus

5 most dangerous cities to avoid

The world is full of bizarre locations and spots which are not very popular as the so called ‘tourists spots’. They exit quietly without much hype related to them. In contrast to the immensely crowded tourist spots these places are

Most unusual destinations to visit around the world

Waterfalls are the most enigmatic creations of nature.  They essentially originate as simple rivers that plunge over cliffs into a pool of water- the entire visual is mesmerizingly surreal.

Five of the highest waterfalls in the world

Here are several spots in that are stacked with excellent yet odd spots.

Intriguing and Spooky Places in South America

There are some amazing gardens across the world that not only look beautiful but also attracts a number of tourists to encourage tourism. Here are five best gardens in the world.

Five most awesome gardens in the world
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