Five of the highest waterfalls in the world

Five of the highest waterfalls in the world

Waterfalls are the most enigmatic creations of nature.  They essentially originate as simple rivers that plunge over cliffs into a pool of water- the entire visual is mesmerizingly surreal.

1.   Yumbilla Falls, Peru

This waterfall is located in one of the interior areas of the Amazonian rainforest within the South American country of Peru.  It actually fall in four different tiers and that is why it is known as the waterfall with a horsetail flow.  Again, this waterfall is directly affected by climatic conditions and is in full flow during the rainy weather.

2.   Olo’upena Falls, Hawaii

This high waterfall is located in one of the Hawaiian Islands by the name of Moloka’I and features as the fourth highest waterfall across the globe.  This waterfall is located along the northeastern coast.  It dramatically falls off a cliff at 2,953 feet and can be seen with the help of experienced guides from helicopters or boats as it is covered by massive mountains on all sides. The surroundings of this waterfall are in a very difficult terrain where thick gusts of wind contain a lot of watery spray, making it difficult to see this natural beauty.

3.   Three Sisters Falls, Peru

The Three Sisters Falls in Peru is the third highest waterfall and is located in a remote region called Ayacucho in Peru.  These falls are locally known as and fall from 3000 feet in three levels.  These waterfalls have a thick canopy of rainforest around them and therefore can only be viewed aerially.


4.    Tugela Falls, South Africa

This waterfall, located in the Kwazulu Natal region of South Africa, falls from 3,110 feet in five different tiers and is the second highest waterfall.  It falls in five tiers and its source is the Mont Aux Sources.  This waterfall, unlike the others, is easily to reach and is a popular tourist destination.


5.   Angel Falls, Venezuela

The Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the globe and is located in Venezuela’s Bolivar province.  It falls at a phenomenal height of 3212 feet in a single plunge. This waterfall is located in a scenic surrounding with exotic flora and fauna.


Waterfall experts have meticulously figured out the height of various waterfalls across the globe to arrive at a list of five of the highest ones.

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