Religious Tourism Guide

A Complete Guide to Religious Tourism by Dr Prem- History, Essential Components, Best Practices, Planning, Destinations and More

It is his instinct that has driven man over long distances since thousands of years in his religious pursuits. That…

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9 – Countries where you find the rarest religions of the world

Religions do contribute in shaping the culture and tradition of a country. This makes it more interesting to explore that…

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Beautiful temples of Mayanmar that are architectural marvels

Mayanmar is one of the most devout Buddhist countries in the world and it houses number of Buddhist temples. It…

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Exploring Mount Fuji as a pilgrim

Traveling to our favorite destination is the best way to find the lost happiness of our life. It can be…

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India Religious Attractions – Top 10 Religious Destinations, Religious Places to visit in India

Here we present you the sorted list of 20 plus most scared and holy religious places in India 2013 that…

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