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Exploring Mount Fuji as a pilgrim

Exploring Mount Fuji as a pilgrim

Traveling to our favorite destination is the best way to find the lost happiness of our life. It can be pure fun to sometimes take a longer route devoid of modern means of travel to take that extra time out.

Mount Fujiyama in Japan is the most ancient and sacred pilgrimage destination and is an enchanting beauty to look at. The lofty mountain is well known for its cultural heritage and this article features the various attractions of Mount Fuji.

Mount Fuji is believed to clean away all the sins of the Shinto and Buddhist travelers since thousands of years and here is the point where our journey begins. The first half of the mountain is covered with a lush green forest full of simplicity, fresh air and serenity. This blends travel with meditation.

It is surprising to know that women were not allowed to climb Mount Fuji until the late 19th century, even though Konochana Sakuya Hime is one of the women goddess associated with Fuji. While the modern travelers comes equipped with hiking shoes, waterproof and windproof clothes, the ancient pilgrims used loose clothing, robes and tunics along with handmade shoes to keep themselves warm during the journey.

After almost afternoon, the paths began to change and the broader lines now convert into steeper contours. Here is the Kawaguchiko, the fifth station on the mountain.

You will find a shopping center where you could enjoy tchotchke, a blueberry cheesecake KitKat. Behind this is the Komitake Shinto shrine. Several visitors and tourists come here to pray and perform their offerings. The place is surrounded with beautiful scenes.

It is the benefit of taking the longer walking route that you are able to view both the top and the base view of the amazing mountain with the two shrines, the Kawagichiko and the Komitake Shinto shrines. Taking shorter bus routes would never allow one to have these extremely wonderful views of Mount Fuji.

It takes approximately 5-6 hours to travel between the base of Fuji Sengen Shrine to the Kawaguchiko shrine at the top and there is a stay facility between station 7 and 8 where you can rest for the night and start up early morning to view the sunrise at Mount Fuji.


Life is short but we must take time to appreciate and enjoy nature and its beauty. It is important to slow down sometimes and try to connect to nature, and climbing Mount Fuji is exactly what it is.

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