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Cycle climbs in the UK that provide welcome tracks for cyclists

Cycle climbs in the UK that provide welcome tracks for cyclists

United Kingdom can safely be called a haven of cyclists because there are countless wonderful climbs for the die-hard cyclists to conquer. Some of these cycle climbs are good for regular practice and exercise but the others are best tackled by pro-cyclists with heaps of experience and skill. Only pro-cyclists can ride their bikes throughout the toughest climbs.

The novice cyclists will have to walk up the climb, dragging their bikes. Cycling is a very popular sport and it is a form of cardiovascular exercise as well. This sort of exercise helps in staying fit and enjoying good health. Ardent cyclists who are always in the lookout for tough cycle climbs should spend their next holiday in UK. Here we take a look at some of the best cycle climbs the UK has to offer.

Great Dun Fell, Knock, Crumbia

Due to its superiority over most other cycle climbs, the Great Dun Fell is often referred to as the Mont Ventoux of England. The average height gain on this climb is 638m and it is around 7.45 km long. It will take at least 40 minutes for a pro-cyclist to climb the Great Dun Fell situated at Knock in Crumbia.

The steepness of the climb makes it really difficult to conquer. At some parts, the steepness of this climb is more than 25%.

Glen Cloe, Highland

The wonderful view that cyclists get while climbing the lovely Glen Cloe are mesmerizing. The path moves westwards and then swiftly moves eastwards but cyclists do not feel the slope.

It will take around 36 minutes to climb this slope though it is just about 1.5 km long. There is more than one point where you can stop for getting a nice glimpse of the nature. You can also enjoy the scenic sight of waterfalls throughout the climb.

Jigger’s Bank, Iron Bridge, Shropshire

Once upon a time, industrial revolution started from the Iron Bridge Gorge. The Jigger’s Bank climb starts from this Gorge and heads northwards. You will pass through Coalbrookdale.

Though this climb is not a busy road, still there are some traffic signals and you will have to wait for the green light. The climb offers some nice twists and turns for the passionate cyclists. The entire climb is just about 2.68 km long and a pro-cyclist will cover this distance within 10 minutes.

Fleet Moss, Hawes, Yorkshire Dales

Fleet Moss is one of the scariest cycle climbs of England. Located in Yorkshire, this climb is a tough nut to crack from both its endpoints. The part of Fleet Moss located at Hawes is the toughest to conquer. It should not take more than 22 minutes to climb this 5.34 km long slope.

The end portion of the road has a zig zag which is difficult to tackle if you are not good at balancing. The slope increases at some points by 20%.

Hardknott Pass, Eskdale, Cumbria

Despite of the average length and height gain, the Hardknott Pass located in Eskdale is considered the toughest cycle climb of England. The height of the slope is 298m and it stretches over 2.25 km. The cyclists who can conquer the Hardknott pass will easily climb all the other cycle climbs of UK.

Rosedale Chimney, Rosedale Abbey, North York Moors

The Rosedale Chimney is a difficult climb though it is only 1430 meters long and 179 meters tall. The climb often breaks the chain and makes moving stressful. It takes around nine minutes for pro cyclists to negotiate this slope.


There are plenty of tough and exciting cycle slopes in UK. Most of them are suitable for cyclists of any skill grade, though a good number can only be completed by veteran cyclists.

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