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Situated within the breathtaking Orbi City in Batumi, Georgia, the Smart Aparthotel is the epitome of luxury living and contemporary comfort. This article explores the unique qualities and services that make Smart Aparthotel an excellent choice for those looking for […]

A Review of Smart Aparthotel in Orbi City, Batumi, Georgia

A holiday in the Caribbean islands is a dream for many. The particular crisp and sun shiny weather, the white silky beaches and vast, dazzling blue seas beyond the land can make your trip more than perfect. But there are

scuba diving sites in the Caribbean

A shopping mall or a shopping center is the place where one or more buildings form a complex of shop to represent merchandisers, with interconnecting walking paths to connect one building to another. Unlike past times, now shopping malls are


Talking about a vacation in France, the gorgeous Paris, Cannes, Lyon, and Versailles flash in our minds.  If your soul and eyes are weary of the urban ambiance, look for a few days break in the charming French countryside to

Chateau de Chaumont

Austria is a panoramic country with some of the most bewitching landscapes described by mighty mountains and spectacular meadows. Whether you talk of cities, towns or rustic countryside, nature has bestowed this country with scenic treasures, it is all-pervasive. Small

most scenic small towns in Austria appealing for tourists

Charming scenic views, historic buildings and a fresh whiff of air describe countryside getaways near London best. So if you are sick of London (quite unlikely in this happening city), plan for a remote weekend trip in any of these

Windsor Castle

Kuwait is celebrated with a large number of public beaches, Beach clubs and beach parks. The coastline of Kuwait stretches for about 499 kms, and the scenic beauty it delivers is simply ethereal. There are numerous well known beaches along

amazing beaches in Kuwait

Greece is one of the best tourist destinations that is well-known for many things like the stunning beaches, amazing sunrise and sunset and also for its historical temples and monuments. The castles and temples of this place are absolutely stunning.

Knossos in Crete

New Zealand maps to about the size of Japan or Great Britain. The country with a total population of merely four million people serves as a perfect escape from crowded cities with its exotic landscape and fun-filled activities. Auckland’s stunning


Maldives is very famous as Maldive Island and is known to have 26 atolls. In this place, you can enjoy the deep blue seas featured with great reefs, diverse vegetation and white sandy beaches. It is the best tourist destinations

enjoying snorkelling
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