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I have always been fascinated by ancient India.  We are truly a home to mysterious culture and a very rich literature. Our history encompasses epic tales of various gods, kings and kingdoms, a land where we can’t really distinguish too […]


The rage of Christmas celebrations and the accompanying boisterous frenzy may force you to look for quieter holiday destinations to uncoil. Particularly, if you are a peace-loving kind and opt to relish a private sojourn. The serenity and tourist appeal


Archaeological sites constitute some of the top destinations with a heavy tourist draw. Top archaeological sites are scattered around the world, enabling us to explore finds and digs centered on ancient civilizations. Heirlooms, ruins and artifacts arouse the interest of

Lalibela, Ethiopia

Cancun in Mexico is a dream destination for tourists. Apart from the sun and sea, there exist some natural thrills of snorkeling in Cancun’s famous cenotes. These are geological wonders to provide you snorkeling tours on a budget.  The best

Gran Cenote, Tulum

The beautiful island of Malta is a premium tourist spot in the heart of the Mediterranean. While the country is generally deemed a safe haven for tourists, there are a few dos and don’ts that can ensure that your trip

traveling to Malta

Finland is one of the lesser-known choices for the perfect destination holiday. But once you step in the country, you will be surprised at how much there is for you to endlessly explore. Right from immersing yourself in the authentic


Sri Lanka is an unexplored gem. Most people know Sri Lanka either because of Lasith Malinga or because of a Hindu epic named ‘Ramayana’. But this beautiful country offers much more than a great bowler and a mythological tale. When


Do you dream of exploring the whole world all by yourself? As a woman, people would tell you not to go alone into unfamiliar places. But solo travel can bring out the best in you, as it pushes you out

Europe – Travel Tips and More

Bangkok is synonymous with its floating markets. Bangkok developed around its waterways, when the first dwellers honed their tradition and trade via the waterways. By the late 19th century, these waterways gave way to railroads and roadways. But a lot


Europe is a land of marvels. Exploring this continent is a big joy. Planning a one-week Europe trip can be overwhelming for anyone. There is so much to see and do in Europe and this is the only continent where

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