15 Dos and don’ts of traveling to Malta

traveling to Malta

The beautiful island of Malta is a premium tourist spot in the heart of the Mediterranean. While the country is generally deemed a safe haven for tourists, there are a few dos and don’ts that can ensure that your trip the island remains smooth.

15 Dos and Don’ts of travelling to Malta:


  1. Allocate 3-4 days stay:

enjoy swimming in hidden beaches

To explore the highlights of islands, do spend 3-4 days especially during the winter, spring and fall season. Add a day or two in summer to enjoy swimming in hidden beaches.

  1. Stay in Valetta:

It is always recommended to stay in Valetta, the capital city. The location is perfect to hop around and you get plenty of eating options.

  1. Keep a day for Gozo:

Keep a day for Gozo

Take a hired jeep tour to Gozo and spend an entire day exploring the natural beauty and myriad shades of blue water.

  1. Enjoy the boat ride at Dwejra:

To enjoy the spectacular cliffs of Gozo waters, take this boat ride from the Inland sea.

  1. Try local food:


Make sure to taste the local delicacies available like lampuki pie (fish pie), bigilla (broad beans with garlic), qassatat and pastizzi ( pastry with mushy peas or ricotta fillings).

  1. Take a ferry ride to Sicily:

It takes hardly 90 minutes and you get to explore a historical place. Day trips are available.

  1. Always have cash in hand:

Always have cash in hand

Euro is accepted in Malta. Although you can make payments with credit/debit cards in most places but you will need cash to pay for boat rides, ferries and snacks.

  1. Tip well

The economy of Malta depends a lot on its tourism. And people working in the country’s tourism industry are well known for being some of the gentlest and most attentive anywhere in the world. While a lot of travel guides suggest that you shouldn’t tip too much during visits to the country, you should try to keep your tips on the generous side as it might get you even more attention and special treatment.

  1. Keep someone informed of your location

Keep someone informed of your location

Being a tourist destination, it is easy for people to get in trouble when they get too much into the vacation spirit. The waters around the country get tumultuous a few sea miles in and travelling with fellow tourists whom you don’t know too well may land you in trouble. It is always a good idea to keep someone informed of your plans for the day as well as your location as a precaution.

  1. Ask expats about must see spots

Malta has a sizable expat community. With a little research, these folks can tell you about the hidden gems around the country that aren’t mentioned in travel guides. Members of these communities might also provide on-the-spot support when you get to Malta and may even help you avoid tourist traps.


  1. Avoid drinking tap water:

Avoid drinking tap water

The water is safe for drinking but since it is desalinized you won’t get the taste.

  1. Do not rent a car:

Drivers in Malta are reckless often violating traffic signals or crossing speed limits. Avoid renting car unless badly needed.

  1. Do not rely fully on public buses:

hire a taxi

No doubt these are cheapest mode of transport from Valetta and convenient as well. But you don’t know when these buses will show up. You may lose precious time. Best is to hire a taxi that would not be too expensive.

  1. Don’t get frustrated over time limit:

Hurrying is not in Maltese dictionary. Everybody takes his/her own sweet time to fulfill a task. Whether you are starving at a restaurant table or badly need a quick drink to quench your thirst, you may have to wait longer than expected. No point in getting infuriated, this is the Maltese way of living.

  1. Don’t disrespect the locals

Don’t disrespect the locals

For many tourists, a visit to Malta is all about letting go of the stresses of their routine life at home. Many tourists even get quite rowdy during trips the island. However, you need to remember that while it is a premium tourist destination, it is also home to the locals. Hence, you should try to ensure that your tourist spirit isn’t disruptive to the locals.

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