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Macau attractions mesmerize tourists

Macau is South East Asia is a major tourist’s attraction. The colonial ambiance and also the night clubs and casinos make Macau stand out. Tourists both domestic and foreign visit Moscow. This tourist destination is a hot shot throughout the year. Macau is an island which is located 60 km from Hong Kong. The architectural wonders along with the natural landscape add to the beauty of Macau. There are five best destinations in Macau which are a must see are-

Senado Square

To be a part of the Macau history who have to visit the Senado Square. The senado square is the entry point of the western countries to China. Each corner depicts the presence of the British culture at the Senado square. The St. Dominic church and the Holy House of Mercy are the must see. They have the western architecture displayed. Along with old buildings there are shops and restaurants which cannot be missed. Umbrellas and sunglasses are a must carry.


Ruins of St.Paul


The icon of Macau is the ruins of St.Paul. It was burned in the year 1835 and only what remain are the ruins of the church. Sometimes events and performances are hoisted there. There is no entry fee required there are stairs which tourists can climb to see the view of Macau island.

Macau Sky Tower

The Macau sky tower is 338 meter high. This allows a glamorous view of the entire Macau Island. The tower not only facilitates a great view but also there are many shopping malls and theaters and restaurants inside it. Many tourists who have visited the Macau tower say that it is thrilling to walk on the outside edge of tower.

Christina Rocha Lieria

Christina Rocha Lieria the Portuguese architect was the designers of the Guan Yin statue. The statue, which resembles Mother Mary, is located not far away from the MGM grand hotel and Casino. The statue is not located in the main island of Macau but away from the island in an artificial island which is connected by a passage. The scientific research center left of the Guan Yin Statue is no less unique that the statue.

The casinos and the nightclubs of Macau are renowned. The Casino Building in Macau is a very special destination. Even if you are not interested in gambling it is must see destination. The interior has a stunning décor, which has been influenced by the Portuguese. The casino is beautiful not only from inside but also outside. The casino building has many casinos in it-the great Lisbao and the Grand MGM and many more.

Apart from these five there are other beautiful and scenic beauties to enjoy, other than seeing there are many adventures too which visitors can enjoy in Macau. The fine dining restaurants and the delicious cuisine is mouth watering in Macau. The best time to go for a Macau vacation is December to February. The island is not connected by direct flights. Tourists have to stop at Hong Kong and they reach Macau by ferry or helicopter. A helicopter rise hardly takes 15 minutes.

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