Important do’s and don’ts of taking medicines while traveling:

Traveling is definitely something all of us would like to enjoy, but health is above enjoyment. If you are someone who has to take medicines everyday for keeping fit, you must take some necessary precautions regarding your health while traveling. For chronic patients with ailments like high blood pressure or diabetes or those who are just recovering from an operation, medicines are essential and mandatory. Knowing the rules that apply on your medicines while traveling will help you choose your destinations with care. Following do’s and don’ts tips will help you travel safely on medication.



1. Be organized: Carry your medicines as you bought them. Use the containers as you got it from the druggist. Also get your doctor right a note, on his doctor’s pad, explaining the usage and need of the medicines. This way you will not have to face problem from the customs.

2. Be prepared to explain your injection syringe and ampoules: If you need to take injections for health purpose is ready to do some explaining. If you show all necessary documents from your doctor then you may get the permission to travel by air though carrying syringes in carry bag is restricted in many airlines.

3. Be cautious: There are many criminals around us and they are completely unscrupulous. Keep your luggage close to you and also keep an eye on your kid’s luggage so no one can slip tiny packets of drugs inside them or mess with your medicine supply.

4. Learn the law: The law of the land you visit will help you take the right precautions and not break any of them unwittingly. Keep your medical details and records handy so that you can produce them in a minutes’ notice.


1. Do not get yourself into trouble with drugs: It may seem like a lucrative offer but carrying drug in exchange of money or traveling perks, but the punishment for drug peddling can be severe beyond your imagination.

2. Do not leave your food or accept drinks from strangers: There are so many bad people around us that we have to be on our guard at all times. Do not leave your food unattended or go drinking with strangers. Anyone can mix drugs with your drink and snatch your purse or worse. Being cautious is the primary condition for traveling safe.

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