Most haunted and scary place around the world

Most haunted and scary place around the world

You might love testing your breath with extremely terrifying rides or creepy bloodcurdling movies. Zombies, Spirits and ghosts are fictional but you never know if they come out real in front of you. If you are a daredevil too, there are nerve trembling places you would certainly want to try out with your friends. Pay a visit to and check if you come out with a stable heart and a dry forehead.

Ware-wolf hunt (England)

An actual experience of the horrifying nightmares where you are always scared of being chased by werewolves or shadows. In a make-believe dark setting of forest, you have to build a fort of your own while you go out hunting for the werewolf. You definitely get to learn the survival techniques and acquire the weapons training and then you are free to set off into the woods. Your hunt for the unreal werewolf is very cinematic and the entire feel of the day gets your heart skip its beats.

The Queen Mary (South California)

Queen Mary’s haunting year-round is still a historic mystery to many. It is said that her resting place lies in a grand spooky ship nearing to which is just not advisable. What if her resting place turns into “the harbour of the damned” and you get the chance to experience it? You can go aboard the 12-deck ship with seven terrifying mazes, 1 sassy “fright mistress” in her private lair, a 45,000-square-foot “Dome of Doom” dance hall, with a lot of skeletons, blood and gore.

Jason’s Woods

Jason’s Woods tries to amplify the “Children of the Corn” every Halloween, which is already an on-going thing in Lancaster. The haunted set-up of Chamber of Horrors, Pirate’s Revenge and the main attraction Jason’s Woods itself, keeps your heart skipping its beat. As a word of warning: if you are a heart patient and scared of clowns, dare not enter the Carnival of Fear.

Bates motel (Pennsylvania)

One of the best-haunted houses of America, the Bates Motel reaches at a much higher level of horror. High tech special effects, stellar acting, digital soundtrack and lighting make it an altogether real experience. Levitating spirits, floorboards and pictures come alive. Custom animatronics props give it realism.

Ghost Bus Tour (England)

The vintage double Decker bus takes you to a ride through some of London’s scariest tales.
Live actors, archaic furnishings, haunting music and technical tricks make this is journey of yours an unforgettable one. The bus not only takes you all around the town in the most haunting and horrifying scenarios but you also get to interact with the conductor amidst the traffic jams. Beware the odd drunken group behind you.


If you are brave enough to endure haunted spirits and werewolves, here are some of the most haunted and scary place to chase the mystery world.

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