Top destinations in USA that could appeal to adventure sport lovers

Many people prefer or would love to go for hiking, canoeing, trekking or kayaking when they are on vacations. It is upto the individual whether he would prefer the hustle and bustle of the city along with a nearby flowing river or stream for canoeing, or a silent, calm town where he can go for fishing in the summer, or ski down the mountains during the winter.

Top Locations:
Ely, Minnesota is a tiny town which offers some of the best outdoor adventure experiences. If someone is looking for a good place for canoeing, hiking or snowshoeing, then Ely is the best shot. During the warm months like July the temperature shows 50 degrees Fahrenheit(25 degrees Celsius). During spring the temperatures fall to 10 degrees Celsius and it is perfect to view the aesthetic surroundings of Ely. During the winter one can go for ice fishing in a frozen lake, and in the summer the parson can row down the same lake. Shagwa Lake and Miner Lake are perfect sites for fishing and canoeing. The Superior Natural Forest is a great place for hiking.

Washington D.C. boasts of the Potomac River which has the perfect setting and requirements for sailing, kayaking and rowing. If one has love for mountain biking and hiking then he should head for Great Falls, Virginia and George Washington State Forest. The Shenandoah National Park is the perfect place for camping.

North Conway, N.H. with Mount Washington as the highest peak at 6,288 feet, is the best place for mountain climbing. The Appalachian trail provides for ice climbing, hiking and rock climbing which are popular activities in this part of North Conway. During the winter the Tuckerman Ravine serves as a great spot for skiing with slopes having an angle of 45 degrees. One can also go for canoeing in the Androscoggin River.

Costa Brava, Spain is a beautiful coastal town where one can go for hiking in the Cap de Creus. Atop the mountains, Cadaques, a  village famous as Salvador Dali’s home, is a favorite of many artists which offers good culture, scenic beauty and calmness. Costa Brava is situated on the Mediterranean Sea where one can go for canoeing or kayaking for a memorable outdoor experience.

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