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Five things you might encounter on your visit to the Mariana Trench

Five things you might encounter on your visit to the Mariana Trench

There are maps for just about everything- may it be far off distant planets like Uranus, Mars or even the Moon apart from our own planet! However, despite having a map for all and sundry, we still do not have any map of the ocean floor, as there has been no satellite developed for mapping the massive surface under the mighty waters.

However, we owe a lot to modern technology and a few brave people who have risked death in order to go inside and explore the mysterious Mariana Trench. So, if you are in the mood for a high adrenalin adventure, then visiting the Mariana Trench could be one such option!

Extremely Hot Water

A lot of us would expect the water to be extremely cold deep in the Mariana Trench; however, that is not the case as the water is just above freezing and varies from 1 °C (34 °F) to a reasonable 4 °C (39 °F). There are hydrothermal vents in the trench that keep shooting out water and minerals and are also known as the “black smokers”. This is what enables the creatures to thrive deep inside the water. This super hot water does not boiled even though it is hundreds of degrees above boiling point.

Massive Toxic Amoebas

Well, you can spot the four inch amoeba at this part of the earth as they are actually everywhere in the Mariana Trench! Their sizes have increased because of the various climatic conditions and that is why the amoeba looks ghastly with its huge structure. In fact, they have superhuman qualities, as they are immune to chemicals and elements that would kill us such as mercury and uranium.

Pure Liquid Carbon Dioxide

Many of the hydrothermal vents throw out regular hot water. However, another vent releases pure liquid carbon dioxide known as the Champagne Vent near Taiwan. This vent was discovered in 2005. Taking in pure CO2 can be bad for us, but this white smoker with its abundant energy, chemicals and low temperatures is the perfect breeding ground for life.


The high water pressure in the Mariana Trench makes it difficult for shellfish to thrive that is why there are more giant amoeba and sea cucumbers. If a turtle happens to be placed down there, then he would be crash by its very own shell. However, despite all this, clams have been discovered in early 2012, which have contradicted this theory. They seem to have evolved and adapted to the climate down under!

James Cameron

The Titanic director James Cameron is also a great fan of the underwater world in the Mariana trench. In fact, he has made a solo expedition to this part of the world.


Even though we have been successful in mapping 5% of the seafloor, yet the remaining unaccountable area makes it a very deep mystery. The Mariana Trench is the deepest bottom of the ocean floor and we do not know much about this feature of our planet. It is nearly 11 kilometres or 7 miles deep and there is a water pressure, which exceeds one thousand times that found at sea level. This means that if you are planning to get down there and click pictures- then you might well be committing suicide!

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