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5 most dangerous cities to avoid

5 most dangerous cities to avoid

Caracus, Venezuela

Caracus is the capital of Venezuela, and though it once termed as one of the most amazing cities of the world, it is presently not very safe to travel too alone, especially when you are a traveler. Caracus has been recently involved in a chain of drug gangs, which has also lead to theft and crimes in broad daylight, pick picketers are on the loom, and this makes it unsafe for travelers. The crime rate is gradually increasing which makes it dangerous to travel to.

 Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Mexico is very well known for drug trafficking and crime rate is on the rise. The police are also being bought by the gangs which is why it is safe to believe them as well. Violence is on the rise, there are huge number of crime rates like robbery, theft, daylight rape and many more. More and more people are released unpunished. That is why the city should be avoided.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town in Africa was once upon a time a great place for travelers. However, now, the city has a high amount of crime rate especially at night. Some places of the city are really dangerous to be in at night if you do not know the proper places. So restrict yourself to just a few places shown by the guide and avoid loitering along by yourself.

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Guatemala has huge number of tourist attractions along with various scenic beauties that are worth viewing. However, now the crime rates of the city are increasing. Drug violence and drug trafficking is on the rise. There are high rates of rape and murder, as well as hijackings and theft, car robbery, street robberies at gun point, and bus hold ups. It is no longer safe to live in a city like Guatemala City and it is advisable to avoid the same.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil is a country with high crime rates. Rio is a popular destination in Brazil if you can avoid crimes like pick pocketing and mugging, theft at nights, murder and confrontations with criminals.

It is advisable for tourists to avoid these cities when travelling across the world.


Are you planning to conduct a journey all across the world? Then here is a list of some cities which you should avoid travelling to on the way.

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