Ten reasons why I decided to stay at Museum Hotel Cappadocia, Turkey.

Museum Hotel Cappadocia

Unique experiences enrich your life.  My stay at the Museum Hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey was certainly an experience of that kind that enriched my thoughts and visions. The name itself conjures up a surrealistic charm where history and luxury mingled in a brilliant manner each preserving its own essence. For history buffs, the stone walls dating back thousands of years ago would evoke enough excitement and for the luxury-lovers, it would be like being on cloud nine.

Talking of the location, it is one of the exclusive regions of Cappadocia that offers a breathtaking panorama of the mountains and weird rock formations. The hotel is constructed with an amazing architectural style that meticulously preserved the ancient ruins and historical artifacts in their original state.

You need not select this hotel for high-endluxury and amenities that are commonly available in other starred hotels, but there are reasons interesting enough that would help in deciding your choice.

  1. Award winning luxury accommodation:

With its remarkable build, striking features and high-end facilities, the Museum Hotel has bagged a number of awards within a very short span of its creation of which ‘The Best Luxury Hotel in Europe’ and ‘The Best Hotel Architecture in Europe’ are worth mentioning. Notable political dignitaries and royal families from around the world also enjoyed their stay in this hotel further enhancing its pride.

  1. Preserving history:

A hotel dedicated to preserving history and culture is rarely found. The entire construction of the hotel is ingrained with thousand years of history of ancient European culture that fascinated me a lot. The designated region where the Museum Hotel is located is full of caves and stone dwelling places belonging to the Hittites, Persians and early Christian Roman civilization. These relics from the past are all preserved very carefully and have now become a significant part of the hotel’s property.

In the Seljuk era, the locals dwelled inexcellently sculpted stone houses constructed from the locally available yellow stones. I observed that a few of these stone houses constitute the hotel’s Reception Area, the Taskosk suite, the Eflatun suite and a spectacularly designed restaurant.

  1. Real Living Museum:

The ancient structure of the Uchisar castle, which today forms a vital component of the hotel, has a historical appeal. Whether you are inclined to historical heirlooms and structures or not, Museum hotel would certainly ignite the artistic side and passion in you.

I could not help appreciating the intricacies of the antiques and artifacts that ubiquitously lay in all conceivable spaces of the hotel. The special care rooms and traditional rooms of the hotel are furnished with well preserved valuable vintage decorative pieces dug out from the historical ruins.

  1. Uniquely built:

It is a sort of reverse built that I found extremely interesting. Museum Hotel is carved from a mountain. You enter the hotel reception positioned at the mountain top and gradually go down to access the rooms and suites located on different floors. That the hotel does not show a glitzy finish surprised me initially.  Since the hotel is built with clay and locally available environment-friendly materials, it presented a clay finish. That I really appreciated.

  1. Uniquely designed rooms and suites:

Museum Hotel is a staggering mix of comfort and a laid back ambience.The hotel has intelligently retained the ancient cave dwelling ambience through its uniquely designed rooms. Walking through a private stone built tunnel to access cave-like rooms decorated with upscale luxury was thrilling. Cave walls thousands of years old and the unique ceilings running overhead takes you back to the ancient era in a flash.

The hotel boasts of 30 rooms and suites and each one of them gives you a unique feel in their own right. They radiate a special warmth and coziness.I would like to highlight the “waterfall suite”, which is genuinely a slice of paradise with one of the best ever beds installed.

A wall of rocks with water cascading down with a thunderous clatter is a unique attraction of this specially designed suite. The Diwan Room is also true to its name with a spacious area neatly arranged for the guests to relax. Similarly, the “Fountain Room” has an in-built fountain.

Apart from the luxurious amenities, all the rooms are decorated with antique showpieces or artifacts that reflected the history and heritage of Cappadocia.

  1. Promoting sustainable and wellness tourism:

The wholehearted dedication of this hotel in promoting sustainable tourism deserves a lot of praise. The hotel garden practices organic farming and lovely peacocks and turtles are dwelling harmoniously in the hotel premises. I observed that room furnishings, bed, towels, sheets, toiletries etc. areall made of natural products. Even the hotel took prudent measures in water and energy conservation contributing greatly to environment sustenance.

  1. Mesmerizing view of Cappadocia:

The location of the Museum Hotel is such that it allows the guests enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Cappadocian valleys like Avanos, Goreme, Love Valley, Pigeon Valley, Red Valley and Mt. Erciyes from anywhere in the hotel. I was lucky to enjoy the splendid view of the balloon rides from my room. Even when you are enjoying your food in the restaurant, relaxing on the terrace or swimming in the pool, the mesmerizing Cappadocia valleys follow you.

  1. Extraordinary culinary experience:

I give full credit to the Museum hotel chefs whose sincere efforts have helped in resurrecting the long forgotten authentic Turkish cuisine. The classy ambience of the restaurant along with an exclusive range of mouth-watering dishes left me fully satisfied. The assorted lip smacking meat preparations and a terrific range of wines are great attractions of the hotel restaurant. You savor not only the food but also the charming view of the valleys.

Most importantly, most of the ingredients that go into the creation of these delicacies are sourced from the hotel’s organic garden that ensures the health aspect of the guests.

  1. Handpicked tours and in-house activities:

Words fall short in praising the well-crafted handpicked tours arranged by this hotel. They take every care in picking and dropping providing maximum comfort so that you can enjoy the activities to your heart’s content.

I would like to mention specially about the massage sessions carried out by trained professionals using exotic herbs and herbal oils. You can enjoy the massage session in your room, on the terrace or even in the hidden mystic valleys!

The Balloon ride is a craze here not to be missed. Cross-golf swing, valley exploration and cooking lessons are other exciting activities that would keep you well engaged throughout your stay. If you are attending cooking classes, you are allowed to pick the products of your choice from the hotel garden,and who knows you may come up with an innovative treat! 

  1. Exemplary customer service:

I was satisfied to the brim during my stay in Museum Hotel mainly because of the exceptional personalized customer service extended by each and every staff. Their gestures and behavior reflected their rich tradition and culture. That was something beyond the periphery of duty. It is their friendliness and warmth that made me feel at home and perhaps would lure me for a repeat visit.

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