10 weirdest tourist attractions in the world

The monotony of theme parks and standard tourist attractions might turn boring sometimes when you look for something that is weird and unusual. They turn you on with a rather bizarre kind of appeal which you might find attractive in its own unique way. Here we go with some of the bugged out tourist attractions:

  1. The island of dolls, Mexico:

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The island of Isla des Las Munecas, located in south of the Mexico City, flanked between the canals of Xochimico, was a hideout of Don Juan Santana who was marooned here for his fits of alcoholic rage. Now long abandoned by the infamous character the island stands eerie and desolate carrying an uncanny ambience.

There is a hair-raising myth about the Island involving Don Juan and a girl whose spirit was supposed to haunt the marooned alcoholic. The girl had been drowned in the canal and an evil spirit was the cause behind this mishap. Legend says that John had often seen and felt the presence of this demonic entity. He started swapping vegetables for dolls which could be seen hanging from the trees in a rather rotten state even today. Strange and foreboding, this island nevertheless attracts swarms of tourists throughout the year.

  1. Temple of rats, Deshnok, India:

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The temple located in the Bikaner district of Rajasthan in Deshnok is infested with thousands of friendly rats. The temple is dedicated to Karni Devi whose family members are believed never to die. Rather, they would be reincarnated as rodents and live on forever. The locals and temple visitors have a great regard for the rats. They feed them and ensure that they are safe. This temple is a tourist attraction and helps breaking rodent phobia if you have it.

  1. The phallus museum, Iceland:

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There exists a phallus museum in Reykjavik in Iceland right at the heart of the busiest hub. Locally, it is also known as the penis museum exhibiting specimens of phallus ranging in size and shape collected from 200 animal species. If you are curious, you might get a clear idea of how a whale’s penis might look like or a gorilla’s penis for that matter. All these male sex organs are preserved in formaldehyde and showcased in jars. As you explore around, it is quite natural you will hear chuckles and comments from visitors filled with humor.

  1. Pagodas of the ShweInn Thein, Shan State Myanmar:

Image Source : I1.Trekearth.Com

If you happen to visit the Shan State in Myanmar, you will find several pagodas scattered across a desolate ground near the village of Indein. These structures looming large in an abandoned and wild ground covered with thickets conjure up an ominous feeling. They are built near the shrine of the Inn Thein Buddha thought to have been constructed by Emperor Ashoka.

  1. Taiwan’s Glass slipper church:

Image Source : Ichef.Bbci.Co.Uk

If you happen to visit the South Western national scenic coastal areas of Taiwan, you will see a glass church fashioned in the model of Cinderella’s high heeled shoes. This fascinating structure is not only strangely intriguing but interesting too. This glass structure has a spiritual appeal for the womenfolk who feel visiting this church would be an opportunity for attaining perpetual bliss in conjugal life.

  1. World’s largest chest of drawers, High Point, North Carolina, USA:

Image Source : Visitnc.Com

This 39-foot-tall building is an archive centre of information for the National Bureau. It was constructed in 1926 and remodeled in 1996 by the High Point Chamber of Commerce. The offbeat feature of this weird construction is a pair of mammoth socks sticking out from one of the chest drawers. Whose socks are they supposed to be? The socks serve as a tribute to the town itself and a cynosure of tourist interest.

  1. Electric lady land, Amsterdam, Netherlands:

Image Source : Assets.Atlasobscura.Com

This is the first museum of its kind to display fluorescent art in all its glowing flamboyance.
The basement exhibits Nick Palladino’s work of art revealing psychedelic themes that will create ripples on your optic screen. There are glowing rocks and artwork pulsating with vibrant colors.

  1. Car-henge, Nebraska, USA:

Image Source : Yimg.Com

Car henge is located near the city of Alliance in Nebraska and it is modeled on the Stonehenge of England. This is a popular tourist spot and the chief feature that distinguishes this fascinating structure from Stonehenge is its building materials. They are from the vintage American cars coated with spray paint.

  1. Baldwin Street, Dunedin, New Zealand:

Image Source : Ichef-1.Bbci.co.Uk

According to the Guinness World Record, this is the steepest street in the world.This is a short straight residential street approximately running about 350 m in length and starts east from the valley of Lindsay Creek towards Opoho. This is a work of wonder of Mother Nature and is a tourist attraction in a strange sort of way.

  1. California’s life sized dinosaurs

Image Source : Foxnews.Com

California’s Cabazon dinosaurs are sculpted in mammoth proportions displaying the prehistoric terrifying lizards in a fearsome pose. These are roadside works of art enchanting the kids and the adults alike.

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