Macedonia Should Promote Wine, Gastro, Medical and Wellness Tourism To Get Competitive Edge Says Dr Prem Jagyasi

Macedonia should promote wine tourism

Macedonia has an ocean of tourism capabilities. This was exactly what Dr Prem Jagyasi, a globally eminent speaker, expert in management consulting, a successful entrepreneur and an author, to say the least, was trying to drive home in a meet conducted at Park Hotel and Spa, Skopje.

This is a wonderful country with amazing landscapes and is practically landlocked having borders with Greece, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia and Bulgaria. From time immemorial, the Macedonian grapes and wine have been much appreciated by the Romans. The epic wine culture has been an integral part of the Macedonian heritage running down the generations.

The land is practically blessed with a plentiful of sunshine, a deadly combination of Mediterranean and continental breeze. Magnificent castles and vibrant clusters of human settlements along the serene countryside with wine and culinary delicacies having romantic undertones can win the heart of any tourist.

In his overwhelmingly loaded speech that held the audience spellbound, Dr. Prem emphasized the need of extensive promotion of wine, gastro, medical and wellness tourism that would give the country a respectable position in the global tourism sector.

Though Macedonia is gradually picking up in tourism, but still, there are miles to go. The country’s latent potential in tourism is not fully explored yet.

He strongly advocated that Macedonia should concentrate on development of wellness and health, culinary and wine tourism sector in a combined drive to come under the global limelight. It would turn into one of the most coveted tourist destinations bringing in a bountiful of tourist revenue.

Wine and food are inseparable. If you choose to win the hearts of the visitors luring with the finest extracts from vines, it should be accompanied by exquisite culinary delicacies to complete an unforgettable gastronomic sojourn.

Macedonia is unmatched in this aspect as well. The bright Mediterranean climate plays a pivotal role in harvesting rich farm products loaded with all the goodness of health and taste. The flavors of Macedonian kitchen and the surprisingly low cost can leave any tourist awestruck.

With such a rich heritage in wine and culinary culture, Macedonia is still a forgotten place that ranks well below in the global tourism map. Even Macedonians are not fully aware of its huge potential in wine and culinary tourism. In the wake of booming global medical and wellness tourism market, Macedonia also has immense opportunities in these niche markets.

Skopje is gradually coming up as a favored medical tourism destination. Especially, the Europeans are gladly availing advanced medical treatments in the state-of-the-art clinics of Skopje while enjoying a vacation. Due to the abundance of natural hot springs and traditional spa therapies, the country has a rich tradition in wellness tourism.

While other countries with lesser inherent strengths are snatching the spotlight in the global tourism market, Macedonia should go for an all out promotion of these niche markets to be on the competitive edge. This is the order of the day.

Talking about Global trends and standards in tourism, Dr. Prem rightly pointed out the possibilities for tourism development in Macedonia before the domestic tour operators present in the meet. Thanks to his extensive research on the tourism opportunity and challenges of the Balkan region that also highlighted the brighter prospects of Macedonia.

He staged a brilliant presentation, which was highly educative for the eminent personalities of tourism industry attending the meet. In the workshop, Dr. Prem simultaneously drafted guidelines following the global standards and trends to attract tourists easily in Macedonia.

Why visit Macedonia is of course a significant question that comes up in the mind of any tourist. The answer can be pressed into an affirmative encouragement goading a tourist to go ahead and explore the treasures that lay within the borders the country.

The country has everything that a tourist looks for. Snow-capped mountains, picturesque lakes, solitary hamlets nestled up against pristine mountain sides and deep valleys offering peerless enchantment.

Words would be too weak to describe the real magic once a tourist sets his foot amidst this landlocked country bringing in mind the reminiscences of a lost kingdom ruled by Alexander the Great.

Skopje, the capital city, offers a variety of site seeing and exploration activities not to mention about the attractive wine trips.  Lake Ohrid is one of the best attractions in Macedonia. It is on the Albanian border offering exquisite charm to the tourists. The lake itself is pristine having a soothing effect on the soul.

The enchanting landscapes are draped by the most enticing vineyards of the world rarely found elsewhere.  These amazing places have yet to receive major media coverage to make it well known among global population.

Once under the limelight, the sail would be smooth. These exotic Macedonian destinations have enough fuel to score high in the bucket list of any globetrotter. What is needed at the moment is more of effective marketing exercise that will bring this hidden paradise to surface.

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