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My relaxed stay in Puri Dajuma Resort– Review by Dr Prem

My relaxed stay in Puri Dajuma Resort

Bali is the land to fall in love with and never to leave, and Puri Dajuma resort exactly matches this connotation.  Loaded with unmatched bliss, spending few days in this resort was a kind of extreme relaxation blessed with a great feel of well-being, which I rarely tasted in my enriched travelling experience. I would say it is a wonderful mix of the eternal Balinese charm and striking modernity.

Foretelling a great experience:

Tucked away from the hectic and noisy city grind, Puri Dajuma, located in West Bali evokes pure magic in a unique sort of way. The road that runs from the airport to this fabled and cozy nook would take 2 to 3 hours drive along a picturesque landscape with sprawling rice fields and a sublime natural setting.

Of course, the duration of this travel would depend upon the time of the day you have opted for. I got a lift from the airport, and on my way to Puri Dajuma all along a beautiful and captivating landscape, I occasionally chose to take breaks midway for some great photo shoots.

The sunset by the sea was simply amazing stirring the artist in me to take some fabulous photos.I reached Puri Dajuma in the late evening. The welcome drink offered was refreshing enough to remove the traces of tiredness of the long flight that I had to take.

The exciting origin:

I was taken for a guided trip along the spacious property to comprehend the spirit and the philosophy behind the set up of this doozy resort. Puri Dajuma belongs to a French couple who have set their foot on the bewitching island of Bali twenty years back.

The man is an engineer by profession sober, bright and knowledgeable. He practically fell in love with Bali and toyed with the idea of setting up a property right here which would someday go a long way turning into a much sought after tourist refuge. I was lucky to meet this amazing couple during my stay.

I could not help admiring his foresightedness that is fetching him a long term fortune and at the same time offering a fascinating experience to the guests. Initially, when the couple started off with the dream project it was very small in its rudiments.

Over the years a lot of love, untiring efforts, innovations and painstaking plans have gone into it turning the resort into what it is today, a perfectly romantic and comfortable getaway for family, friends and honeymoon couples.

Holding on to the nature:

Every inch of Puri Dajuma is enthralling from a tourist’s point of view but the most striking feature deserving special praise is the effort to upkeep the resort in a nature-friendly manner. Most property owners try to clutter the space with clumsy accommodations and features spoiling natural aesthetics, but Puri Dajuma gives due respect to the surrounding nature.

Only 33 uniquely featured villas stand in this vast property where the guests can experience a personalized vacation amidst privacy. This is a surprisingly low number compared to the expansiveness of the property. Taking a tour of the property was highly pleasing giving me a feel of a splendid time to be spent in the coming few days.

Villas – A reflection of daintiness:

The entire resort is a pinnacle of gorgeousness with an immense spread of high-end property. The two voluminous swimming pools are quite amazing considering their sheer size. One of the two is super massive that encompassed many villas.

I was put up in the Shanti villa which featured a glass door giving me a direct access to the swimming pool. The ambiance was absolutely tidy. The bathrooms are open unlike what you find in a clustered area. They had a protection of boundary walls reaching a height of around 9 feet.

I had a wonderful view of the open sky and tall palm trees from the bathroom itself. Donno what would be the experience during a heavy downpour or scorching heat. Something ecstatic must be envisaged by the property owners. But my under-the-sky bathing sessions were no doubt unique.

Over and above the natural beauty the resort is endowed with there are AC installations in every cottage. The interior is polished timber finished. The roof is a wooden structure that gave me a gratifying sensation.

The hospitality rendered by handpicked andwell-trained staff hailing from the surrounding villages is an example by itself. Their personalized services laced with smiling faces allow the guests get the desired comfort level.

I had interaction with other guests and their families, couples and friends and whoever I came across to exchange greetings. They all seemed very happy both with the resort arrangement, design, tranquil setting and the highly efficient staff on roll.

Too many to have on the plate:

The dinning arrangement was simply mind blowing. Very few high-end resorts across the globe have so much to offer! Three awesome restaurants of Puri Dajuma with an astonishing long list of exotic Indonesian and continental cuisine ensure the guests have a memorable gastronomic venture. I preferred the Sinta Lounge set against the panoramic view of the ocean.

The food was excellent and I would prefer not to use weak words like ‘ delicious and mouth-watering ‘ to describe the highly delectable aroma of a mixed character the platter gave off. I was after the Indonesian delicacies. Guided by a battle-hardened knowledgeable chef, I had a great experience with the exotic cuisine. The history and culture of the land associated with each specific dish of food left me fascinated at the end.

There was a wide range of choices in the breakfast table comprising of Indonesian,American and Continental varieties. Fresh juice, exotic herbs and freshly picked succulent vegetables made my day. You get prompt room service as well if you prefer not to step out for dining.

The vegetables were amazingly tasty. I learned they were handpicked from the local farms. Although the entire environment was set amid nature with a pleasant rural backdrop, the table decor was stylish and highly civilized with all modern etiquettes to go with it.

The relaxing wellness activities:

I got the real taste of relaxation in the special wellness spa offering a plethora of therapies. My choice was aromatherapy based on the oil extracted from the fragrant Champaka flower, which is available locally. The spa ambience is stunningly beautiful with all sides open facing the sea.

As my therapist carried on with the procedures narrating the history and methodologies of this therapy, the soothing fragrance of the oil soaked me in the ocean of wellness. The continuous drizzle throughout the session brought in additional charm.

I was pleased to see the arrangement of Yoga and meditation in this property, which is quite expected of a nature-friendly property like this taking care of all aspects of the guests. There were a good number of participants in the yoga sessions. Many preferred sessions facing the sea breathing in fresh oxygen.

All in all, I had a gala time with the property, the food and other exciting activities. Puri Dajuma is unmatched in meeting the guests’ expectations to the fullest with their palette of services. Certainly, looking forward to a next visit.

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