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Hotel Doupiani House: Review By Anna Guchok Bilous


A Soulful Stay

Our life is a daily routine that is filled with a series of activities that leaves us too little time for self-reflection. Our mind is blogged with unnecessary worries and busy with processing the happenings of everyday life. Sometimes amidst our day to day life, we crave a break that can give us a chance to reconnect with our mind and body, more importantly, our soul.

If you are looking for a getaway that can enrich your soul and allows you to indulge in practices and surroundings that can make you experience tranquility, then this is the hotel where your search ends.

Hotel Doupiani House situated on the highest point

Hotel Doupiani House is a cozy holistic stay located in Kalampaka, Greece. It is situated on the highest point of the area in a quiet green area of six acres adjoining the roots of the majestic Meteora. Dupioni House also famously called The Balcony Of Meteora.

interiors of the Doupiani house

The interiors of the Doupiani house is designed to honor the traditional architecture of Meteora. The area and the location of the stay is surrounded by divine energy that will dominate your experience at the stay. There will be a feeling of trance that will calm your mind and body and send your heart to a place of blissful happiness.

Over here you will experience the comfort of modern amenities but at the same time, you can dwell on the serenity of nature.

My stay was as blissful and pleasant as I had longed for.

The famous monasteries are walking distance from the hotel.

hotel can boast of having a beautiful green garden

The hotel can boast of having a beautiful green garden that has beautiful flowers, you will be able to embrace the feeling of solitude in the green lush surroundings. Over here you can immerse yourself into nature which makes it for a perfect holistic stay.

homegrown fruits and vegetables served during breakfast

One of the major highlights from my stay would be the homegrown fruits and vegetables served during breakfast. Whatever they serve over here during breakfasts is actually grown in their own garden. The practices of organic farming are applied which makes the food even more healthy, you can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables that come on your plate directly from the farm. They also serve various famous local delicacies that will take your taste buds for a flavor induced ride. They also have their own bar so you can enjoy a drink or two while sitting at the patio enjoying the view.

view of the majestic Meteora rocks and the monasteries

The rich history of the place makes the stay even more special, the hotel was built on what used to be a winery house, which gives this place a classic and a charismatic appeal. The energy that surrounds this place makes it for a perfect wellness getaway, the view of the majestic Meteora rocks and the monasteries add to the magic and appeal of the hotel. The place holds a beautiful fireplace that has a wooden ceiling, a picture perfect way to unwind after a long day with a book or hot cup of coffee or wine and enjoy the warmth of fire and silence of nature.

All the rooms of the hotel offer the view of the Meteora, the spacious room is filled with day to day modern amenities, like a minibar, fridge, wifi connection, hairdryer, airconditioning, etc but maintains the rustic charm of the past. The room is designed to give a holistic experience with the blend of warm materials like wood and stone and traditional colors like olive green, the coral the indigo, etc. a perfect way to disconnect and surround yourself with nature but yet maintain the luxury of modern amenities.

Hotel Doupiani House hospitality

Image Source : doupianihouse.gr

One thing that will win over your heart at this place is the hospitality that they offer, the staff is so courteous and helpful that you will feel like the place is a home away from home. They will make you feel extremely welcomed and will be at your backend call whenever you need it. They helped me with my itinerary and suggested a few local places to visit that made this stay extra special. The warm and friendly nature of the staff, as well as the owner coupled with the soulful experience of the stay, made this one of the best holidays I have experienced in a while.

unwind yourself in the calmness of nature

Take a break from your everyday routine and unwind yourself in the calmness of nature, this will refresh you and recharge your energy. Being in nature gives the missing dose of positive energy that can change your outlook towards life, it gives you the chance to disconnect from technology and spend some quality time with yourself and your dear ones. A perfect way to detox from the toxic things and thoughts of our daily routine. This small and cozy getaway nestled in the peaceful surroundings with rich and ancient history and an old-world charm architecture will make for a perfect holiday destination.

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