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How to Relieve Stress

Overview of stress and depression and ways to cope with it

In today’s hectic schedule, stress has become an integral part of our life. We all have to deal with stress in every sphere of life, be it our family life, friends, professional life or anything else, stress is almost everywhere. While a little stress is probably good for us as it always reminds us of your responsibilities, but excess of it can be very harmful. You cannot simply control the reasons that cause stress. But you don’t need to be disheartened as there are always methods of relieving stress.

All you need to do is take charge of your emotions, your thoughts, your environment, your schedule and the way you deal with your problems. A few well-spent minutes can dramatically increase your productivity, health and enjoyment. Here’re some of the tips to fight stress that can help you out in the long run.

Complexity Level: Moderate

Time Required: 20-30 minutes

Resources Required:

A little time and patience


1. Try some of the meditation techniques

  • Not only meditation helps in stress relief, but it is also very useful in relaxing muscles. There are several meditation techniques which you can try.
  • One of the most popular meditation techniques is walking meditation. All that you need to do is go for a walk of around 15-20 minutes in your garden area or in a park.
  • Breathing meditation is most widely used technique but this had to be practiced where you are most unlikely to be disturbed. Take long, slow and deep breaths, and try to hold it for some time before releasing.

2. Massage and good sleep

  • Stressed out muscles are also one of the important factors behind stress. A full body massage can prove to be very effective in relieving you from these taut stressed out muscles.
  • You need to make sure that you are getting enough time for sleeping. Good sleep is one of the most effective method of relieving you from stress. It has a profound effect on your stress level, disease resistance and immune function.
  • Laughter is also very effective as it cuts stress and gives relaxation.

3. Listen to music

Listening to music is one of the easiest and the most effective ways of relieving from stress. Try to listen those songs which make you feel happy and soon you will realize that your stress level has decreased considerably. Also no prior arrangements need to be done. All that is required is a music player.

4. Bring a change in your attitude

  • Stress increases when you have a conflict with someone. If there is no harm in seeking apology from someone then do so. You even need to learn to forgive, most importantly to yourself as guilt always worsens the stress.
  • You may even have to learn to say “NO”. You can’t just do everything that you are asked to do. If something doesn’t seem fair, then you need to say no to it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to relieve stress at work?

You can effectively tackle increased level of stress at work by following the instructions below:

  • In between your working hours, try to take few deep breaths allowing your belly and rib cage to expand slowly.
  • Do not get involved in work for long time, take short breaks in between and take a little walk.
  • Close your eyes for few moments and listen to soothing music.

Quick Tips:

  • Soothe your senses. You can simply light a scented candle for this purpose.
  • Whenever you feel tense, take deep and long breaths through your nose.

Things To Watch Out For:

Always try to be in the company of those who are cheerful and lively. People who are pessimistic spread negative vibes which are definitely not good for you.

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