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  • Naturopathy- nature care or return to nature. Naturopathy is alternative system of medicine found in Europe, is based on the philosophy that
  • Given the right environment and opportunity body can heal and correct the disorders naturally through own healing process.
  • Diseased is a manifestation of the vital force, who tries to balance the harmony and normal functioning of all systems.
  • Holistic approach to health
  • The naturopath therapist first evaluates the root causes of disease and then with the help of natural therapies improves the vitality of a patient to remove obstructions that are interfering with the harmony and normal functioning of the systems. The following three stages are followed to have natural cure:
    • Diagnosis of disease
    • Detoxification through cleaning of  digestive system, fasting, massage, deep breathing, baths and exercises
    • Corrective regime- nutritious diet with supplements, body manipulation, herbal compounds etc.
  • Along with treating person as a whole, naturopathy also helps to prevent the serious chronic, debilitating diseases. The naturopath educates the person regarding the causes of illness and prevention of them through maintaining healthy lifestyles.
  • Naturopathy may be used as alternative system of medicine to treat majority of diseased conditions and also can be combine with conventional medicine to have safe and gentle cure.


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