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With the rising popularity of medical tourism, most of the countries are on their way to develop best medical facilities with luxurious lodging facilities. The main motive behind this is to make the country as the best medical tourism destination so that they can attract more international patients and can earn huge profit. Countries like China, South Korea, and Russia are emerging as best medical tourism destination as they are trying their best to improve health care facilities up to an international level so that the citizen of China can get quality and affordable healthcare in their own country.

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Additionally, some countries are also introducing new visa waiver programs between two or more countries in order to increase the number of medical tourists in their countries. According to this contract, people of both the countries do not have to follow visa and other legal formalities. People can easily get the desired treatment without spending much. The USA is offering cost effective medical facilities to its people so that they do not have to cross the international boundaries for quality yet affordable medical treatment.

Technology has made it possible for the patient, irrespective of his geographical location, to interact with medical professionals and receive much needed health care on time. The trend often referred to as Telemedicine is becoming a rage […]

Telemedicine in Medical Tourism

One of the main benefits of medical tourism is the significant cost-savings. It remains the prime driver of medical tourism as well. This is due to the fact that the cost of healthcare at many of the

Why medical tourism treatment costs are cheaper abroad without any quality compromise – Insights by Dr. Prem

Medical tourism trends continue to surprise us amid uncertainties and turmoil. Global healthcare is evolving, and changing patients’ behavior brings more dynamism to the market. Nearly 50% of the countries are not equipped to provide the

Evolving medical tourism trends in the eyes of experts

After delivering impactful masterclasses in more than 65 countries, Dr. Prem graced the pristine shores of Mauritius. His signature masterclass focused on sustainable medical tourism and wellness tourism in Mauritius and Africa held on 30th

Dr. Prem’s Globally-Acclaimed Masterclass Sets The Vision of Medical Tourism and Wellness Tourism in Mauritius, Debuts WellMed Trip

Capturing the attention of your target patients with assured solutions is the key to successful medical tourism marketing. Do you think it is easy? A growing number of patients are seeking favorable treatment options through

viable medical and wellness tourism marketing in hard times

Jordan may be a small country hidden in the deserts of the Middle East, but it has definitely made a name for itself by providing excellent healthcare services to foreign patients at a very affordable price.

Medical Tourism in Jordan

Business networking in medical tourism has been growing steadily driven by the need for enhanced collaboration for a seamless and exceptional patient experience.80% of professionals feel networking is essential for success.  Your network is your

Importance of Business Networking in Medical Tourism and How to do it A Guide by Dr Prem Jagyasi

Georgia Medical Tourism Alliance successfully hosted MEDEA, the first Georgian Medical Tourism Forum from 2nd-4th June 2023 to showcase the best of Georgian medical tourism. Dr Prem was invited to deliver a special speech on

Georgia Medical Tourism Alliance Successfully Hosted MEDEA the 1st Medical Tourism Forum

Medical tourism is the fastest-growing industry where about millions of people travel from one location to another across the globe for quality treatments. Turkey has emerged as one of the major medical tourism destinations. It

An Interview with Nadezhda Koshan

Global medical tourism seems to be on the recovery path after dealing with severe blows of Covid-19.  Mass cancellations hit hospitals and the hospitality industry catering to foreign patients. The recovery though slow is promising. 

Medical Tourism News, Trends and Updates in Covid Crisis
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