Top ten Medical Tourism Myths Facts?

Facts and Myths

Growth of tourism industry

Many people are of the notion that medical tourism is a booming industry that has exponential growth. This is because this is being advertised more than required so that more and more are attracted so this kind of treatment. However the fact is that though there is steady growth it is not as people portray.


Global healthcare

Do you really think that people would travel all across the world for health care treatments? Actually if given an option people would like to sit at home and undergo all the treatments that without restriction. Patient would like to explore all options sitting at home. Now the real truth is that though there are lot of countries abroad that are offering medical tourism treatments, there are few countries that are actually benefitting from it.

Is it really affordable?

Though people feel that medical tourism treatment is affordable, is it really true? Medical tourism involves a lot of cost that involves treatments, medicines, and travelling abroad. So that real truth is that, it is not as cheap as expected.



Many institutions will claim that they have received government accreditation. But the real fact is that all hospitals are not registered and even if it is, not all accredited hospitals are up to the mark.

Easy to build

Though many people are of the notion that it is easy to build a medical tourism institution easily, the real fact is that it requires a lot of patience and perseverance to build a medical tourism institution.

Western doctors are better

The fact that Western doctors are better is actually a myth. Western doctors are not always superior to your own hometown. All countries have good doctors. You just need to search for them.


All doctors are the same

All doctors are not the same. Different doctors have different qualifications and trainings. So you need to research before you actually come across a good doctor.

Foreign medicines are cheaper

Though foreign medicines are cheaper, they are not as inferior quality as expected. Medicines are prescribed by a good physician and all medicines are the same.

Foreign dental assistants do not have any training

All dentists are the same in all countries. They just need to be qualified and trained by a good dental school in order to do well.

Materials used are lower quality

This is a myth because you will get the treatment that you pay for. Be it overseas or your own home town, the materials used are of the same quality and you need to pay in order to get better services.


Medical tourism is a booming industry nowadays and there are various people as well as medical practioners who are acquainted with this industry. However it is important to know about the industry well before you divulge into the same. There are a lot of myths as well as facts that people are still not well aware of. Here are some of the following.

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