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Dr Prem's Guide Book Medical Tourism

Dr. Prem’s – Medical Tourism Guide Book is an initiative to provide a comprehensive source of information for anyone considering medical travel. The book is aimed for consumers, but it also works as a reference guide for industry experts. It includes key information on deciding for medical travel and 20 essential planning and preparation steps for the entire medical journey. It also highlights the top medical tourism destinations around the world and common medical procedures that patients travel for. Finally, the book is enhanced with checklists and recommendations to further enhance the reading and understanding of this burgeoning industry.

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Dr Prem’s   medical Tourism Guidebook is a refernce book for industry Experts

The burgeoning medical sector of health care tourism has witnessed tremendous growth over the past few years, yet despite of this, it has yet to reach its full potential.

Although there is a large amount of information available online as well as in print, many consumers remain uninformed, confused, or unwilling to commit to this treatment option. It appears that potential customers haven’t fully grasped the true magnitude and incredible benefits that medical tourism can offer.

To help address this knowledge deficit, Dr. Prem Jagyasi, renowned medical tourism expert, author and chartered consultant, has taken the initiative to provide a comprehensive source of information for those considering health care tourism. His forthcoming guidebook dedicated to the subject provides valuable information and advice for those wanting to know more about the choices on offer.

In addition to helping the consumer, Dr. Jagyasi’s through an analysis of the various options available, the publication aims to give the medical tourism industry a significant boost that will enable it to realise its full capabilities.”



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