DHA is all set to boost medical tourism sector in the emirates

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The Dubai Health Authority recently held a meeting with private sector hospitals. The main motive of the meeting was to discuss the strategy to strengthen medical tourism initiative for Dubai. It includes steps to provide excellent medical tourism services in the Emirates.


DHA is an integrated health system that ensures quality in healthcare for Dubai. It aims to promote Dubai as a globally recognized destination for healthcare. With this aim, the experts discussed focus areas of the treatment and introduction of medical tourism packages to provide medical travelers with quality healthcare, recreational, and touristic facilities under a single package.

Essa Al Maidoor, director-general of Dubai Health Authority said, “Dubai is world’s leading destination for tourism and leisure and since Dubai offers excellent healthcare facilities, medical tourism is an extension of the hospitality that Dubai is synonymous with.”

He further added, “Ensuring that all private players work hand-in-hand with us and are aligned with the overall medical tourism strategy, will ensure smooth functioning of a dynastic health sector and will benefit both medical tourists as well as the healthcare providers.”


DHA will include private and government hospitals and clinics in this program. The authority will ensure the quality of care, treatment and the entire medical travel procedure. There will be provisions for medical visa, passports, hotel booking, flight and other important things that a medical tourist requires.

Moreover, they will provide facilitators patients, who will help them in arranging the entire medical treatment and all required facilities.


Dr. Ramadan Ibrahim, the director of medical tourism program said that all related sectors will work together to make sure that medical tourists will receive quality treatment and excellent hospitality. This will include stakeholders like immigration, aviation industry, hospitals (public and private), and hospitality sector.

He explained that a committee would be set up to investigate about all the aspects of every healthcare facility. Those hospitals will provide every detail about the facilities and specialties they would like to promote in medical tourism market. This will include details of the specialists, their medical background, certification, and number of successful procedures they have conducted. Then, the special team will verify the collected information. This may include the verification of translators, type of medical environment, safety and security of patient, healthcare standards, and other related tasks.


Dubai holds place in top ten medical tourism destinations of the world. It is renowned for its world-class treatment and care. Now it is getting ready to strengthen its services and provide more gain to medical tourism sector.

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