Medical Tourism Guide Book

Medical tourism is a blend of tourism and healthcare as it is all about traveling beyond your national boundaries in order to seek medical treatment. The main motive of medical tourism is to save money on treatments and get the benefits of excellent medical facilities. Medical tourism includes health tourism, wellness tourism, dental, tourism, and spa tourism.


Wellness tourism is broader term in medical tourism, which emphasizes on enhancing the health conditions through alternative, traditional and complimentary healthcare services. Dental tourism is also an integral part of medical tourism, which refers to travelling overseas in order to achieve and maintain the dental health. Spa tourism aims to promote general healthcare and relaxation. It is based on the traditional healing of water as people move to natural hot water springs for relaxation and healing. Further, alternative wellness tourism includes traditional methods of curing and healing. Nowadays, many countries offering traditional methods of healing and curing chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, metal disorders, joint pain, trauma, and other related problems. Countries like India and Singapore offer ayurveda, yoga and other traditional therapies to their guests in order to make them feel relax and promote health and wellbeing.

Guide to wonderful island destinations for medical tourism

Medical tourism, where people travel overseas for better and more economical healthcare, has become a major money spinner in many…

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Guide to understanding cultural issues in medical tourism

Many people travel across the boundaries to avail medical care and treatment, so it is important to understand the cultural…

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Guide to understanding ethical issues in medical tourism

The globalization of healthcare has brought up several ethical issues surrounding the practice. The fact that people travel from their…

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Guide to understanding legal issues in medical tourism

The medical tourism industry is flourishing day by day and more patients are travelling to other countries to obtain affordable…

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Step by step guide for smart budgeting for Medical Tourism

The whole process of medical tourism can be very harsh on your wallet and bank accounts. Appropriate budgeting for the…

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Guide to planning for continuity of care in medical tourism

Thorough planning within the post-operative phase is an essential factor that all medical tourists should consider. To ensure the complete…

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Guide to how to start and manage medical tourism facilitation and other associated businesses.

Medical tourism now-a-days has spread all over the world as the need of availing medical facilities across the borders has increased…

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NEW PROJECTS, NEW DESTINATIONS, STEP FORWARD… After successfully completed and having the great results from the 2nd edition of AHT…

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The 2nd Adriatic Health Tourism (AHT) Investment Forum – the one of its kind investment summit boosting medical tourism

The global medical tourism is set to receive an investment boost in the 2nd Adriatic Health and Tourism Investment Forum to…

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Dominican Republic gears up for the 4th International Health and Wellness Tourism Congress in San Domingo

The 4th International Health and Wellness Tourism Congress, the prime bi-annual medical tourism event in Central America and the Caribbean…

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