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Medical tourism is a blend of tourism and healthcare as it is all about traveling beyond your national boundaries in order to seek medical treatment. The main motive of medical tourism is to save money on treatments and get the benefits of excellent medical facilities. Medical tourism includes health tourism, wellness tourism, dental, tourism, and spa tourism.


Wellness tourism is broader term in medical tourism, which emphasizes on enhancing the health conditions through alternative, traditional and complimentary healthcare services. Dental tourism is also an integral part of medical tourism, which refers to travelling overseas in order to achieve and maintain the dental health. Spa tourism aims to promote general healthcare and relaxation. It is based on the traditional healing of water as people move to natural hot water springs for relaxation and healing. Further, alternative wellness tourism includes traditional methods of curing and healing. Nowadays, many countries offering traditional methods of healing and curing chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, metal disorders, joint pain, trauma, and other related problems. Countries like India and Singapore offer ayurveda, yoga and other traditional therapies to their guests in order to make them feel relax and promote health and wellbeing.

If unavailability of required medical support in the home soil is a big driver of medical tourism, Nunavut is perhaps the brightest example where half of the government’s expenditure goes into it. Recent Articles:


The struggling medical tourism sector has been longing for a fresh impetus, and is now getting ready to make a mark with the announcement of the 1st Adriatic Health and Tourism Investment Forum. Providing a

First Dedicated Investment Forum

It seems to be an exciting year ahead with lots of upcoming medical tourism congresses to be staged across the globe.  These high-profile meets and conferences contribute significantly to the growth of medical tourism industry.

Dental Conference by IDA in Mumbai Workshop in Dental Medical Tourism 17th-19th February

It is not surprising to see planeloads of medical tourists from China travelling abroad to Japan, Korea, US and other affluent countries to get their health disorder rectified. The wide quality difference in healthcare abroad

The world health and sports tourism congress exhibition for 2017 is scheduled to be held at Hestourex, Antalya. The much-awaited exhibition will be under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the valuable assistance

According to a study revealed by New Global Wellness Institute research, it has been established that despite a drop in the global economy by around 3.6%, the wellness industry has beenthe fastest expanding sector with

A bone marrow transplant is required where an intense dose of chemotherapy is given to the patient suffering from various types of cancer like leukemia, myeloma and lymphoma. Bone marrow is the sponge like substance

Virtual doctors are turning out to be a strong alternative to visiting the physician for consultations. The term virtual doctor doesn’t mean that a bot or a symptom checkerare the ones consulting a patient. Virtual

The Yucatán economy is seeing a surge in its medical tourism sector with a deluge of tourist population, particularly from the US and Canada flowing into Mexico. Many of these tourists find their way to

Medical tourism is on the rise in Turkey, making it one of the top 10 destinations chosen by medical tourists from the US. Turkey ranks sixth in the list of the top medical tourism destinations,

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