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The 2nd Adriatic Health Tourism (AHT) Investment Forum – the one of its kind investment summit boosting medical tourism

2nd Adriatic Health Tourism (AHT) Investment Forum

The global medical tourism is set to receive an investment boost in the 2nd Adriatic Health and Tourism Investment Forum to be held from 10th -12th October’18 in Zagreb, Croatia. The summit, one of its kind, allows the investors to explore the health and tourism potential of the Adriatic region for profitable investment.

Adriatic-Health-Tourism-AHT-Investment-ForumImage Source : croatia.hr

It was a big opportunity for me to attend the first version of AHT forum as a keynote speaker held last year in October. Dedicated entirely to investment in medical tourism, it was a grand success. It was attended by 200+ participants from the ministries, medical professionals in health tourism, investors and experts from tourism industry and financial institutions across the globe.

Ten impressive investment projects were presented of which one fetched a business collaboration project worth 500 million Euros. This year’s Adriatic Health and Tourism Investment summit is being organized on a larger scale and the organizers are expecting a greater participation and bigger investment ventures.

The untiring efforts of Dr. Miljenko Bura, the founder of AHT deserve lots of praise that led to the success of this forum. In the annual conference of Association of Croatian-American Professionals (ACAP) 2018, his presentation on Croatia’s tourism offer and investment potential in different projects received high admiration. ACAP, the partner of this forum is promoting this event in the US to attract more investments in the Adriatic and Croatia.

Adriatic to be the full-time European Riviera:

The prime objective of AHT is to raise the standard of existing tourism offers along the Adriatic coast especially in health tourism and make Adriatic as the full-time European Riviera. The focus would be on expanding the healthcare infrastructure and facilities which will not only fulfill the requirements of the citizens but also of the tourists.

Special requirements for the Silver Generation by developing resorts and other facilities are also being considered to make Adriatic coast a prime retirement tourism destination as well.

Integration of Adriatic Health Tourism Platform with the EU Cohesion Policy:

2nd Adriatic Health Tourism (AHT) Investment ForumImage Source : adriatichealth.com

I wholeheartedly appreciate the initiative of ADRIATIC HEALTH, the platform created by the Medical Group Ltd. (Croatia) to establish Adriatic and Croatia as an investment-friendly destination in the EU.

Going a step ahead, the ADRIATIC HEALTH PLATFORM aims to integrate the Adriatic health and tourism industry with the EU Cohesion Policy to secure direct funding for the realization of health and tourism investment projects of this region.

AHT Investment Forum for businessmen interested in health and tourism business:

The forum, as usual, will bring together domestic and international investors, tour operators and agencies, global healthcare organizations and financial companies. Representatives from the USA, Belgium, Austria, Italy, UK, Germany, Greece, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia, Monte Negro, Albania and Herzegovina are likely to adorn this forum.

Importance of investment forums for the sustenance of medical tourism industry:

financial inflowMedical tourism is growing stupendously every year, but as an industry expert, I feel the sector is yet to get the required investment boost for a full-scale growth. I can’t help but appreciate the AHT Investment Forum to conceive of a strong platform to maintain a continuous financial inflow to carry out successful health tourism business ventures.

The Croatian government has always been supportive of health tourism in this region. Consequently, the ministry of tourism, health, economy and entrepreneurship and crafts are also lending full-fledged support to lead this forum to a bigger success.

It is great to see that the forum is receiving huge support from the state authorities of countries bordering the Adriatic coast under the auspices of the President of Republic of Croatia Mrs. Kolinda Gravar Kritarovic.

I highly recommend stakeholders in medical tourism to participate in this forum that would make medical tourism industry sustainable. Looking forward to some exciting investment projects in AHT Investment Forum 2018. Wishing them all the best!

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