Packages FAQ – Get Your Answers About Our Packages

What are Packages?

Packages are easy-to-understand bundles of services with their pricing based on the benefits on offer. Thanks to almost two decades of our experience and delivering impeccable services, we are able to understand our client’s various needs. And, based on their requirements, we offer the best-fit services with pre-defined and preset benefits and activities through our packages at the most reasonable prices. These packages are highly recommended as they provide you an insight into our cost-effective and highly beneficial services and solutions.

Are packages Customizable? Do you offer Customized Services?

Of course, we provide customized and personalized services to clients who have some specific requirements not covered in standard packages. Our packages usually serve as a great starting point which usually don’t require any modifications; however, clients may still ask for custom solutions and services depending on their requirements and even budget. We usually suggest our clients to go for a package and top-up with a bouquet of services as and when required.

How do you provide knowledge?

Gaining knowledge about the business you want to be in is the key to success and we take this seriously. We allow you online access to around 100 courses ( and 600 documents (Client Portal) along with a dedicated coordinator to guide you through our services and processes during the agreement period. Also, you can have a scheduled training session with Dr Prem based on the package selected by you, wherein he provides required knowledge through our online portals and live one-on-one discussions.

What do you mean by Client Portal?

Client Portal

Essentially a hub for our clients, our Client Portal contains guides, documents, sample agreements, internal and external reference documents and different types of research material to help them understand the ins and outs of the industry. For those looking forward to starting or growing their businesses, our portal provides all information at one place.The portal and guidance material is accessible to all of your team members, whereby they can understand the depth of the subject. We take pride in being one of a kind in the industry to have such a massive client portal.

What does contain?

Dr Prem’s Training Portal offers 90+ online training courses, and it’s updated regularly with new courses. Each of these courses are highly customized, and meticulously curated to help you grow your business. Aside from information on specialization subjects, the course material also includes amazing knowledge about leadership, management, HR, Branding and marketing.

We believe that you need a basic understanding of other core areas too to run a successful business. So, all 90+ courses promise to deliver great results. We can provide access to several team members all at once, wherein they can go through different courses on different subjects individually. The courses listed on are a reflection of Dr Prem’s 20 years of work, research, expertise and all. You can have access to 3 types of courses: long duration courses (indepth), medium duration courses (focused), and bullet courses (20-40 minute ones).

What types of sample documentations are there on offer?

We provide several types of sample documentations (through client portal) that you may require to run your business. Some of them include sample B2B agreements, sample research documents and all. Some of them are already being used by many industry players and some are created just as generic ready-to-use base templates; however, we strongly recommend you to customize these documents based on your core work policies, and local / legal situations.

About Web Services within Package and Advance Website

We have 20 years of experience in website management; in fact, we run a leading web magazine network with 5 million readers. Within the package, we create websites on highly advanced and the most-used CMS called WordPress. The platform is used by 45 million websites (around 35% of all websites on the world wide web). The benefits of having a WordPress driven website include: ease of use, easy to understand, browser-based access from anywhere, no HTML editing or FTP software required, better SEO, better search indexing capabilities, customizable designing, built-in and ready-to-go blog, multilingual friendly, chat bot integration, social media integration, Google Translation integration, fully responsive, and multiple users capabilities. You will further get Security Plugin, SEO Plugin, Backup Plugin and other plugins for faster performance of your website.

Our websites are pre-designed theme driven to ensure that you get what actually works. We will provide you several themes to choose from based on the package selected by you. The number of pages on your site will be designed based on the type of package you go for.

We will create copyright checked fresh content and will use copy-right free media assets from licensed stock media libraries.

Furthermore, you may utilize our high-end web development services even after the agreement period, at additional fees, to transform your website into a bigger web application. We believe, as a starting point for your business, our theme based wordpress websites are the best thing you need to run your organization, and later you can always expand website optionally.

Should you need a specific website, you may ask us to create a customized website proposal for you. However, we strongly recommend you to start with a package website to get things going fast. We in fact have created sample websites and themes for your quick look at and

The package chosen by you will define the number of pages to be designed with Copyscape protected content, images curated from iStock and other image providers; and it will include free web hosting for one year.

What is the duration of free website hosting provided with packages?

Within your package, you will get a domain name (subject to availability), and a minimum one year of web hosting – either Google Cloud Server hosting or some other cloud server hosting. For the first year, the hosting is free for fair usage; however, should you require a bigger hosting, CDN or longer hosting duration, you may request the same or you may move the website to your hosting server. Upon completion of one year of service, you may renew your website hosting with us or you can migrate the website to your own hosting provider.

What are the benefits of Social Media and Digital Marketing Services?

We offer Social Media and Digital Marketing services as a monthly package. That package will include a set number of template-based banners created with impressive content and hashtags using software such as Canva, Adobe Spark, Pixlr, and other online design tools. Should you be looking for a longer duration package, more videos, or testimonials Videos, please feel free to ask for a customized proposal for the same. To make our proposal cost effective, we work around most engagement driven ready templates. This further means that we do not provide customized social media banner designs (except minor customization such as brand colours, text and elements) unless requested via a customized proposal.

What are the benefits of Paid Advertising Services?

With our advertising experience of 18 years and managing 5 million readers a month through our network of websites, we understand how to get required results through paid advertising. Our highly sophisticated Paid Advertising services are designed to generate more business leads and inquiries. We will create a custom proposal for you based on a specific number of inquiries you want us to generate. Please note we will try to fetch you the desired number of queries but at times, things may be out of our control because of situations, such as any recent changes to Google Advertising or Facebook Advertising policies, terms and conditions. We appreciate your understanding of the complicated structure of paid advertisement. The objectives of paid advertising include more exposure through display advertisements, better brand visibility, and more customer/client/patient leads.

How about the Design/Content Review Process?

When we initiate the agreement, we will explain all basic info about the industry. Then, we would like you to fill a form about your business vision, mission and long term objectives. Using your inputs and our massive consulting knowledge and industry experience, we will propose content and design solutions (based on agreements). You will have two free reviews to suggest any changes in content or design within the package. Should you need any changes, we will request you come up with pointed and very specific instructions to ensure the best outcome. Should you still require more changes, we could agree to a fair revision price.

Could you list down the benefits of Business Networking Services?

Thanks to innumerable speeches delivered at various international conferences and industry events in more than 65 countries, we have created numerous genuine connections through these relationships and resources aside from several social media platforms. Furthermore, we work on a highly advanced CRM system to track and manage those connections. As you connect with us, you get access to various directories and databases which could eventually help you reach out and connect with your potential partners. We also help you with personalized introductions and mentions, already included in your package.

Kindly note that networking serves your long term objectives and it doesn’t give you immediate results as Paid Advertising does. As networking also requires regular follow-ups and client relationship management, the overall success of any Business Networking campaign would depend on these factors too. We will still help you connect to our database which we update annually/regularly.

What should be the best course of action in terms of liabilities, jurisdiction and conflict redressal?

We practice highly ethical services and put best efforts to deliver what our package promises to deliver. However, if any conflict arises, it must be resolved through a constructive dialogue first, and a third-party neutral mediator later. This mediator should look into all aspects and try to resolve all issues before eventually reaching out to any Court/s of Law. Also, the jurisdiction of all legal matters pertaining to agreements will be Mumbai, India only.

We do not provide or entertain any liability cover beyond the consultation or project fee paid to us, regardless of the cause / issue / matter. Whatever the reason may be, the maximum liability can never be more than the fees paid after deducting actual expenses on work performed for the client.

What are some of the standard terms and conditions of services?

As we provide most of our services through online channels, associates and partners, some situations (server, tools and industry activities) may be beyond our control at times. To understand more about it, kindly refer to our Standard Terms and Conditions on this page:

We request you to go through those terms and conditions; and should you have any doubts or questions, please feel free to ask us.

What about Refund Policy?

Owing to the amount of efforts put in to create the structure, creating online tools, delivering benefits as mentioned in packages, we consider all sales enquiries as final queries. We strongly recommend and request you to check all our packages and services carefully before you enroll for any of them. Once an agreement is accepted, a project is initiated, or payment is made, we do not have a refund policy in place. In case you are not satisfied with services delivered, we will be happy to look into the entire process again and will work on it again to provide you with all benefits as mentioned in packages within fair resource reutilization.

Please explain your Directories and Listings services.

We take immense pride in running one of the world’s most advanced directory solutions in the Medical Tourism and Wellness Tourism market segment. Should you enroll your business in our directory, your listing will get more visibility and traction across the segment. If you go with Pro Listing, you will be able to see the contact details of other industry colleagues belonging to yours and other geographies too. 

We keep updating our directories quite regularly with fresh data and new contacts, just to ensure you stay abreast of the latest information.

How seriously do you consider client and data confidentiality?

All arrangements between the client and Dr Prem and Associates will always remain confidential. We may have to make certain information public, including our knowledge and our client’s services through our directories. We still ascertain our clients not to share their trade secrets with any other business or organization without their approval. Similarly, we expect our clients to do the same.

How do you treat verbal commitments and services outside the scope of the packages?

You would find all benefits provided by us thoroughly mentioned in our packages. Should you look for any services not mentioned in the package, you may ask us to provide you through a custom proposal for the same. We are liable to offer only the benefits mentioned either in packages or agreements. Any service/s that’s beyond the scope of the agreement or package has to be mentioned in the Annexure separately.

You have mentioned ‘best of our ability services’ in your packages and proposals. What do you mean by that?

By best of our ability services, we mean that we provide only those services which we think we have our expertise in. That also means we don’t offer any services which are beyond our abilities, capabilities, experience, expertise and/or guidance. And, a client must not expect us to include some particular service we don’t provide in general, unless such services are specifically defined in agreement in annexure separately.

Let me know about Dr Prem and Associates’ payment terms and phases of delivery.

All payments have to be made in advance either as a lump sum or in certain instalments (as mutually agreed). All payments must be made in favour of Dr Prem and Associates. Next, all payment terms have to be strictly followed, failing which may lead to the cancellation of the agreement. In case clients opt for installments, all the services will be delivered in phases based on the best of agency’s knowledge and package you go with.

How are your marketing services different from others?

All our packages contain guidance, knowledge and usable information about our marketing services, which further include ways to promote your business on social media and get brand recognition on several other online platforms. We make sure to do it for our clients based on their geographic locations and demographic market analysis. 

Based on the package you choose, you will get social media marketing guiding services – essential for building more brand awareness and getting you some leads, clients and business in the process. A separate marketing budget has to be allocated for the success of any project. Our clients may ask us to help them decide their marketing budget.

What do you mean by Coordination and Representative Services?

We believe in empowering our clients’ team members so that they could responsibly deal with the leads and sales queries shared with them. Our clients should have a dedicated team member to connect and follow up with potential leads sent their way. While we are always there to guide their team members, we cannot replace them at all. They have to be responsible for all coordination tasks, failing which may affect the desired results, while we provide them with required tools, knowledge, connections and guidance as per the agreement.

Completion of the agreement - what does that mean?

Once we receive the full payment and finish the stipulated duration of the agreement with tasks delivered, we will handover all relevant documents, files and also, the website to you. Until we get full payment, all content, design, business name, and concepts will be the intellectual property of Dr Prem and Associates. If the client doesn’t honour payment terms and conditions, they won’t have any right on any of the properties discussed above.

What will be the duration of the Agreement?

We plan to deliver all the services mentioned in an agreement within a specified time period. While adhering to the preset deadlines or a timeline, we make sure utilise the best possible resources available. Despite our commitment to deliver things within those deadlines, there may be times when there is some understandable delay from both sides – ours as well as client’s too. Some of such instances may include the time taken by client to review or revert to some urgent queries, unscheduled holidays, force majeure or other local or universal issues beyond the control of the agency.

Furthermore, you may utilize our high-end web development services even after the agreement period, at additional fees, to transform your website into a bigger web application. We believe, as a starting point for your business, our theme based wordpress websites are the best thing you need to run your organization, and later you can always expand the website optionally.

Will I get Website Credentials to do changes or Can I host a website on my server?

Sure, all our websites are designed with Dynamic Content Management System, which allows you to add content of your choice and edit website the way you like. You may also host website on your server, we will provide you a wordpress zip file, which is easy to install on your server. However, Once we share backend credentials or you start editing site or hosting site yourself, we aren’t responsible to do the comprehensive management of your website.