Healthcare Project Management Consultancy | Hospital Project Management


Dr Prem’s Project Management consultancy design and deliver an efficient, adaptable solution. It covers every stages of the project lifecycle from strategic business case to life-long cost monitoring.

Dr Prem has gathered wide spectrum project management experience within the healthcare field including:

• Project Management for Public & Private healthcare
• Management Capital Works
• Liaison for IT Programs
• Business Development & Finance Management Plans
• Architecture & Design Management
• Stakeholder Management & Public Consultation

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Mergers and Acquisitions Partnerships 

Searching, analyzing, due diligence, contracting and integration management.

If your organization is in need of expansion, growth or partnership. We can help you to make the right planning, find the right partnership, design and evaluate None-disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements, collect, analyze information, due the due-diligence and prepare for negotiations. As part of our interim management program we can as well participate in negotiation process to help you make the best possible agreements.

Hospital Concept, Design and Programming  

Creating, designing and programming for efficient healthcare delivery for clinics and hospitals. Dr Prem’s world class knowledge, experience and partnerships, he can develop concepts, design hospitals, clinics with his acknowledged partners and establish the right programming for your initial and/or expansion planning. This can include architectural planning.

Planning and managing healthcare projects and execution

Dr Prem develop strategic flow for design and implementation of effective and efficient project management for your improvement and/or initial projects. Dr Prem has specialization to form teams in your organization, train them and implement in a collaborative environment, creating and enhancing organizational involvement and continuity.

Healthcare Digitization Plan | Hospital Digitalization Plan

In today’s clinical operations, the strongest trend for an effective and efficient healthcare delivery is going digital toward to a paperless office. One specific example of our technology services is digitalization plan. Digitalization has profound impact on departmental and institutional processes and we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you.

Dr Prem can carry out an IT feasibility study to your organization’s IT readiness and the financial implications of such a move. We can continue to the next step of making an IT implementation plan, outlining the entire process of making the digital transition. We can as well prepare a tender blueprint for use in the bidding/tender process. As part of our project and/or operational management programs, we can as well guide or manage the implementation.

Consultancy Services