Healthcare PR Consultancy Services | Public Relations Training

iStock_000017389341SmallDr Prem’s public relations consultancy is a strategic consultancy dedicated to providing specialist training and service for the healthcare sector. Dr Prem has Endeavour to develop sustainable and workable communications solutions for stakeholders in the healthcare industry, He has successfully developed PR strategies for many international Healthcare, pharmaceutical and lifestyle organizations.

Dr Prem thoroughly understands the complex needs of fast paced, dynamic and growth-oriented businesses. His well-honed expertise, coupled with its specialist grounding in the healthcare industry, places it in a unique position to propel its clients business in the right direction.

Dr Prem has an unrivalled understanding of the corporate healthcare sector, positioning it effectively to build platforms that act as bridges for businesses to reach their stakeholders effectively.

His most celebrated training is highly recommended in the field of Media Management including – Media Interview skills, crises management and media relationship management.


Dr Prem deploys a research driven and results-oriented methodology to achieve its clients’ objectives. Each client plan is individually tailored to reach the relevant audience and the organisation’s multi-platform approach ensures that no stone is left unturned when it comes to extending the clients’ message. Dr Prem:
·         Defines measurable outcomes based on clients’ business objectives
·         Decides and identifies workable strategies after a careful and in-depth analysis of stakeholders
·         Details and deploys tools to launch and manage effective stakeholder outreach programs
·         Develops time-bound benchmarks and trackers
·         Delivers the program in the most effective manner
·         Determines the efficacy of the program


Dr Prem brings to the table a deep understanding of the health sector; an achievement attained from an aggregated experience of over fifty years through the team’s association with the industry. The organization identifies:

  • Key opinion leaders who are of importance to the business
  • Ethics and best practices followed in the healthcare industry
  • Dr Prem has over fifty years of collective experience in all platforms of communication, including:
    • Advertising
    • Public relations
    • Event management
    • Publications
  • Dr Prem offers the following additional services:
  • Strategic counseling
  • Brand perception analysis
  • End-to-end press and news services
  • Stakeholder advocacy programs
  • Media training
  • Internal communications expertise
  • Crisis management and business continuity planning


PR Belief | Public Relationship Belief

Consultants success is inextricably linked with its clients’ and associates success. He respects their vision and aligns closely to develop programs which create an environment conducive for their sustainable and dynamic business growth.

The world is shrinking reaching out to this smaller, more specialized environment entails working closely to establish linkages which are effective, individualized and stand apart. ExHealth believes in innovation.

Networks are becoming increasingly important and the word is becoming an even more powerful tool.

Dr Prem has great networking connections within global healthcare fraternity, he understands the power of creating the right buzz.

At the heart of any successful program lie assessable and achievable outcomes. Dr Prem works to develop sound measurable benchmarks to evaluate the efficacy of the program.