Oh, the love of having a new accessory… it is just the simplest of things that make our day different. Women have been in love with the idea of finding a new accessory every time they shop. It does not have to mean going over the top extravagantly; it could be something completely environmentally friendly and nice on the wallet too. Therefore, here are a few simple ways you can pick up an accessory for your nice evening and be content on it being a green decision too.

Vintage always gets the nod:

There is no question that vintage accessories never lose style. Reusing something that has been around for a while is the first step. It is just like giving life to something that was not around. It is amazing on the budget, as you do not have to buy something brand new. What does that imply? No manufacturing resources, as plenty of websites offer great deals on vintage accessories that add to your savings.

Buy from right stores:

Buying from brands that support labor conditions for fair employment and rights for workers is a big step. Brands endorse these conditions and rights in developing countries today and you can do your bit by buying from them and breaking the cycle of poverty that is in place.

Make it new with reuse:

The joy of a green wedding is something that one cannot explain in words. You would love to make it memorable by spending on jewellery and gems on your amazing day, but you can do the same by taking eco-friendly measures. Use recycled gold for your needs, your engagement and wedding rings or ornaments. You get gems that are grown in labs that fit the bill too. Reusing old gold and jewellery is an alternative step too.

Recycle it:

There is nothing like using recycled products in our lives. It is a massive step in showing your commitment towards the planet. You have to choose fabric that is recycled like organic cotton or bamboo or even hemp. Make sure you are using products that can be reused and do not have to be manufactured in a factory. Each one of the products you have bought earlier can be recycled too, so take a conscious effort to recycle and make it a positive step.

Borrow for a day:

If you have a close friend that you share things with, keep your doors open (your cupboard door that is). With someone you can trust, share accessories you own and vice versa. You can get many added things without having to buy it and plus, it is mostly for a one time use. There is a company, Bag, borrow or steal, that lets you rent out designer bags, belts and jewellery for a flat discounted price every month, fits the bill right? This way, you are doing your bit for the planet by not spending much and you are using products the green way!

Think different, buy different:

It does not take a lot to think thoroughly about what your want to buy. Tiny fashion brands have loads of variety today and can offer you organic and environmentally safe products at lesser costs.

Other than the mall:

Instead of shopping at the mall, buy from smaller shops. Bog retailers have large markups and have questionable quality on workforce treatment. Try buying from local manufacturers so that you get better quality at good prices.


Buying accessories are well within your budget if you think of going green. It is the right step to take today with all of us trying to avoid high retail buys.

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