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5 weirdest edible fashion trends

Edible Wedding Dress

Fashion trends always manage to leave people awestruck. It could be by their unique cuts, styling or design fabric. And then there are certain designer creations that force us to question the garment’s authenticity and use. The fashion fever is such that people go to extremes to get noticed, even it means creating something that doesn’t make much sense. Hold your breath as we present to you five weirdest edible fashion trends that will make your eyes pop and jaws drop in surprise.

1. Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress

Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress

Lady Gaga loves to make headlines, especially with her wardrobe (as well as wacky hairdos). The infamous Meat Dress captured a lot of attention and literally made people feel dizzy. The outfit was hideous and was a creation by designer Franc Fernandez. The dress was made out of meat and was adorned by the recording artist at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. The material used here was flank steak and she had to be stitched in the dress backstage. The designer claims that the edible material was cured and dried, which was later painted to look like fresh meat. It was also described as the ‘most outrageous fashion moments.’ Lady Gaga claimed that it smelled like meat, which was great. Now, this is one statement that doesn’t really go down the throat.

2. Sugar Encrusted Jewelry by Natalie Smith

Sugar Encrusted Jewelry

Jewelry is meant to be relished and they literally do so with ornaments designed by Natalie Smith. The British designer has crafted jewelry that can be eaten after you are done flashing it at a party. The baubles are encrusted with sugar and can turn into a delectable sweet-dish after a hearty meal. But, wearing something coated with sugar can get sticky and eating it after leaving the jewelry piece exposed to dust and germs while donning it, doesn’t sound very edible! Smith claims that each piece is exclusive and doesn’t harm the environment in any way. So, for all who have a sweet-tooth, these baubles are worth a try.

3. Jimmy Cheese

Jimmy Cheese

Now, what was the designer thinking while designing the Jimmy Cheese? Well, the answer isn’t too difficult to guess, with Jimmy Choo being a rage among fashionistas. As the name suggest, the shoes have been made using cheese. Pilgrims Choice (manufacturers of sorbent cheese) roped in 50 students from Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors program to create this fermented footwear, especially for a National Cheese Couture Competition. Jimmy Cheese has been designed by Lisa Dhillon and are platform wedges that have been brought to life using bread and cheddar cheese. The heel has been crafted from the finest cheddar cheese, while the sole uses stale cheese sandwich. Anyone, who would like to eat this creation, I guess not!

4. Edible Wedding Dress

Edible Wedding Dress

Wedding is a very special day in everyone’s life and the highlight of the day is the bride’s outfit. But ever heard a bride wear an edible garment. Well, Marjolein Wintjes and Eric Meursing own a restaurant cum design studio named De Culinaire Werkplaats that design garments that can be eaten. The dresses created are made using fruits, herbs and vegetable, which the designers claim promotes green living and eating habits. But, looking like a food item on your wedding day is a slightly awry idea.

5. Chanel Bag made from Beef Jerky

Chanel Bag

Chanel is one of the most coveted luxury brands and its handbags make people drool all over them. How about owning a Chanel Bag that doesn’t use leather but beef jerky? The classic quilted bag has been hand-stitched using beef jerky sheets by Kaiser Karl. Guess what the bag smells like and how much time will it last?

Via TreeHugger

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